Alexandre Gama: Meet Brazil’s Advertising Guru

Alexandre Gama is a prominent Brazilian businessman mainly in the advertising and media. He was born in 1958 in Rio de Janeiro. Gama is a graduate of Fundacao Alvares Foundation in Advertising and Propaganda. He is the CEO and founder of Neogama, a Brazilian advertising agency which he founded in 1999. In 2002 Neogama merged with BBH becoming Neogama/BBH whereby Neogama retained the majority stake in the resulting company.

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Gama has worked for many other companies before founding Neogama. He began his advertising career in 1982 as a writer at Standart Ogilvy. He then moved to DM9 where he worked for four years as a copywriter. Mr. Gama has also worked for AlmapBBDO as its vice president of creation and as the president and CCO of Young & Rubicam.

While working at BBH as the Chief Creative Officer, he became the first Brazilian to be recognized globally in the communication sector. He is also the only Brazilian among Global Creative Board which comprises of six creative individuals from Publicis Groupe Company.

In 2008 he was awarded a master class recognition becoming the first Latin American to attain such a prize. He was also appointed as the Board member of Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies in 2012, which is responsible for defending the rights of communication industry stakeholders.

In 2014, he founded VIOLAB, a project comprising of studio, radio program, and Youtube channel. In the same year, he partnered with Briggs Automotive Company, a sports car manufacturing company.


James Dondero’s Support for Various Markets in the Investment Industry and the Financial World

James Dondero who is the co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management is a man respected for speculating on investment by relying on market insightful analysis of the dynamics of the market. By studying the international trends, he can identify areas that have the greatest investment opportunities for different industry needs. The company known as Highland Capital Management which he co-founded with Mark Okada in 1993 has a collateral loan obligation tool as the basis of its strength. By conservative estimates, the asset portfolio of the company is currently around $15 billion. The types of investments that James Dondero makes are like a mind-puzzle because of the role his company plays as a source of alternative credit management for various global organizations, and during the last one year, the company has registered a growth of about 29.6% through is the captive arm the Highland Capital Advisor Fund. Whereas other credit funds have over 400 Securities, Capital has just about 200.


The Argentinian debt crisis that started in 2012 contributed a lot to the rise of Highland Capital as a provider of security guarantees to businesses that were exposed to credit risks and unstable market conditions. The strategic focus of James’ Dondero’s team was on the abundant natural resources which they accurately predicted would help the country come out of the debt crisis. They went ahead and carried out extensive research and analysis about how the funds could be used to rescue the country out of the financial crisis. Fortunately, the research was right, and by 2014, James Dondero made the country’s resources about 24% of the fund’s assets, and the local currency appreciated against the dollar after the general elections. The country also benefited from the activities of James Dondero, but he also profited from the work done by Vista Energy.


In 1993 the Highland Capital was conceived from collaboration between Okada, James Dondero, and an insurance firm. They started by providing alternative funding sources and credit guarantees before expanding into other areas of the investment industry, and in the year 2000, the company floated its initial alternative loan fund. Apart from investments, James Dondero is also keen on the humanitarian mission, and the best known is Reasoning Minds which sponsors curriculum based on technology. He acquired a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia.



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Discussing the Issue of Social Security At Length with David Giertz

It is paramount for financial advisors to talk about the social security issue with their clients. However, not many or at least the largest percentage don’t talk about the issue. Nationwide president, David Giertz says that according to a survey conducted by Nationwide Retirement Institute, it showed that most advisors didn’t talk about the issue of social security to their clients. He stated that from a consultants’ perspective it’s necessary to ensure that customers are aware of the social-security benefits and when to begin on Additionally, David said that four out of five individuals stated that they would likely change their adviser if he/she didn’t mention or talk about the issue of social security.

When asked his opinions on the reason the advisors kept away from the topic, Giertz attributed it to its complexity. 2700 rules govern the issue of social security, and hence it becomes difficult to comprehend. Therefore, having confidence in the topic becomes hard for the advisors. However, understanding social security matters, according to Dave Giertz, is important when it comes to the retirement process. The social security on Bloomberg takes up almost 40 percent of the retirement income. Additionally, to optimize the retirement income, the social security piece should get understood.

The Issue of social security is necessary. One advisor who helps clients on developing retirement plans is David Giertz. David Giertz serves as the head of Nationwide Financial. Through this company, he develops strategies and distributes retirement plans, life insurance among many others to the private sector. Giertz brings to the company 30 years of experience in the financial service industry. Dave holds several positions among them being on the board at Millikin University. He is a graduate of Millikin University and holds an MBA from the University of Miami.

Mr. Giertz is also a renowned broker at He deals in the business of buying and selling securities and other investment products. Dave is also registered as a broker with FINRA

Dick And Betsy DeVos Passionate About Helping Others

Dick and Betsy DeVos are among the richest philanthropists in the U.S. The family’s combined fortune is worth several billions. Dick DeVos learned at a young age about the value of helping others. His father, Richard DeVos Sr., is the co-founder of Amway Products. He taught Dick the value of hard work and paying it forward.


The DeVoses, also Republican heavyweights and staunch supporters of charter schools, have a foundation devoted to charitable causes. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given away billions of dollars to help a number of conservative initiatives in the state of Michigan and beyond. While there was some scrutiny surrounding the couple’s vast fortune, recently appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, had no issues with revealing what her foundation does.


In 2015, the couple donated nearly $12 million for educational causes alone. Dick DeVos says not only Michigan but the entire U.S. is in the midst of an educational crisis that affects children from all backgrounds. DeVos is very concerned about children from impoverished backgrounds and their access to a good and fair education.


While the lion’s share of the family contributions go towards education, the family also contributes to the arts and gentrification causes in Michigan. Betsy DeVos says she has no problem with opening the books regarding her foundation’s appropriation of funds. “The parents and kids in this city know that we have their best interests at heart,” said DeVos. The couple insist they take pride in writing checks for individuals needing a hand up.


Both DeVos and Prince come from wealthy backgrounds. But they haven’t let their lifestyle of privilege blind them from helping others. The DeVoses say they will continue to foster leadership development and doing the right thing for children in Michigan. DeVos has a charter school named after him that helps children with dreams of becoming a pilot.


Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital considered as one of the most prominent companies dealing in the issuance of fast capitalization structures. For the company, nothing gives them more power than becoming part of the solution to the problems facing other companies and high-net-worth individuals. Madison Street Capital has always stayed ahead of the rest to become the most sophisticated solution to those who are intended to achieve better business solutions. Because Madison Street Capital is achieving better business activation, they have always developed the worst activation management solutions. Madison Street Capital has always acted as the subordinated debt investment client and minority equity for other companies seeking fast working solutions to their financial problems.


Corbel Structures is a company that has always strived to develop fast working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For you to develop this architecture, you must consider working to achieve the best solutions to your clients. Madison Street Capital is the sole company that got between Ares Securities Company and their problem to strike a solution. For the company, they have always struggled against the development architectures in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Charles Botchway is the person who announced the commencement of this industry.


The Vienna-based Ares Securities Company was developed in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For you to activate better business solutions, you can’t have any working company achieving your instability issues in the arena. The Corbel Structured Company was working to develop fast working solutions to other companies in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Reginald McGaugh is the Senior Managing Director who was in charge of the transaction. As a matter of fact, he is the person who announced the transaction.


According to Ben, the transaction was handled in a manner that is incomparable in the industry. Madison Street Capital reputation has preceded the company profile in a way that has no achievement in this structure. Ben also says that Madison Street Capital has portrayed lots of proficiency in the development of financial solutions to companies and individuals seeking fast working capital. According to Ares Securities Company, it was an honor to work with high-end solutions to develop the most sophisticated achievements. Madison Street Capital is also instituting the binomial structures to develop the best intention to Ares Securities Company. Reginald McCaugh said that the company developed business solutions.


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Honey Birdette spreads love with UK retail store boost and US e-commerce

Australia’s first sensuality boutique Honey Birdette has ushered in the United States e-commerce site. After achieving an almost quadruple increase in US online sales this past year Honey Birdette made headway for the US site. According to the lingerie brand founder Eloise Monaghan the US e-commerce site will “enhance the consumers’ experience”, the site will offer US customers express delivery, and free express delivery for orders over $100 and a wider selection of products offered by Honey Birdette. With such an accelerated growth in the US market, Honey Birdette has its sight set on rolling out retail stores there as well as the United Kingdom.

The lingerie brand announces plans to boost its three United Kingdom retail stores to 40 by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette is rapidly growing only a year removed from opening its first three stores outside of Australia, with its first being in London’s Convent Garden. Honey Birdette shared the news of the first ten of the 40 being opened in Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford, and extended plans to open retail stores across Europe

Australian lingerie brand Honey Birdette was founded in Brisbane in 2006 and currently has 55 stores in Australia. The brand is beginning to reach out as wide as its collection of stellar lingerie, latex, and toys. With the backing of investment company BBRC, the growth of the lingerie brand is sustainable and by the end of 2018 will have about 100 stores. Honey Birdette is making all the right moves to energize and sustain happy customers.

Dick DeVos – A Living Inspiration to Everyone who Wants to Contribute to the Betterment of the Society

Recently, I got fascinated with West Michigan’s philanthropic patterns. Unlike other places where the wealthy status is established by the ostentatious display of wealth through clothes, jewelry or cars; the West Michigan social clout is defined by how much a family has given away. And leading the way, there is the DeVos family represented by Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos.



I knew about the couple majorly as donors to Republican candidates. However what took me by surprise is their much larger donations to all other philanthropic activities. Their large contribution of $5.3 million to Republican candidates of the presidential elections paled in comparison to their $11.6 million charitable contributions in 2015 alone. What humbled me more was that fact that Dick admitted to his philanthropic streak being deeply embedded in him by his dad, Richard DeVos who is not only the co-founder of Amway Corporation but also a highly reputed and respected philanthropist. He had three other sons besides Dick; all are known to donate more than generously. It is only recently that the couple has started throwing light on their lifetime contribution legacy.



Dick joined his father’s business in 1974, and he quickly climbed to the position of vice president by 1984. By this time he was handling the Amway’s brand operation in eighteen countries. In 1989, he founded his own company, The Windquest Group which manufactured as well as marketed storage and closet organizers. He went through several experiments and change to finally again concentrate entirely on Windquest Group in 2002.



However, I think, more than his illustrious career, Dick and his wife Betsy will be known and remembered for their philanthropic activities. Recently, the couple humbly accepted of donating over 139 million dollars to various causes and institutions during their lifetime. Their entire family legacy of donation today crosses the one billion dollar mark which amounts to one-fourth of their total fortune. Dick personally is more inclined to donate in the education sector more than the others. His total donation in this sector stands at three-hundred-and-fifty-seven thousand dollars. His passion became evident to me when he stated in an interview that their present education system failed in fulfilling the American dream.



Another passion of his philanthropic streak is seen in his efforts to increase both knowledge and awareness about arts. Is it any wonder that this family ranks 24th in the Forbes list of “America’s Top Givers.”




Event Hosting Help


Planning a big event in NYC can be intimidating. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are event planners in NYC who can do the work for you or you can find many online resources if you want to “do it yourself.”


Recently HGTV ran an online article “Secrets from a Party Planner,” to help you plan the perfect event. In her article, Camille Styles takes us through her 10 stages of planning a big event with advice for each step:


  1. Getting organized- lists! Guest list, shopping list, to do list, etc.
  2. Creating a theme- set the tone.
  3. Sending out invites- online or by mail.
  4. Offering a self serve bar- let guests be their own mixologists.
  5. Creating a specialty concoction- have at least one specialty cocktail.
  6. Keeping appetizers simple- bite sized, finger friendly.
  7. Setting up a kid’s table- keep them busy with crayons, paper, and fun.
  8. Keeping settings simple- incorporate natural elements.
  9. Staying relaxed- give yourself time before the guests arrive.
  10. Not forgetting the favors- send them home with a reminder of the day.


Maybe the “do it yourself” option is still a bit daunting or your event needs to be more professional. There are good event planning companies in NYC, one of which is Twenty Three Layers. They are a New York based full service planning and design firm. They do everything from fun and whimsical to glitz and glamour, from small private events to corporate events. They have solid working foundations with several premier vendors and establishments which will ensure a momentous occasion. Because Twenty Three Layers’ services include photography, catering, entertainment, venues, floral design, and more, they are the premier corporate event planners in NYC. If you prefer more “hands on” party planning, they have workshops designed to make you the best host or hostess you can be and to impress every guest.


No matter what your event, or how involved you want to be in the planning and execution, you have the opportunity to shine and to wow your guests. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and the process, as the host or hostess always sets the tone.


A Look At Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran And His Charitable Work

Vijay Eswaran is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. Under the QI Group of Companies are subsidiaries that operate in several sectors of the economy including retail, financial services, direct selling, education, and hospitality. He founded the company in 1998 and has built it into a global operation with products, services, and independent direct selling contractors in countries across the world.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran’s approach to selling his products and services is to combine direct selling and web-based sales together. The first product he sold was commemorative coins for the 2000 Olympics which were held in Sydney, Australia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

His company quickly grew and by 2000 he had placed in the top 3 in this market out of 42 distributors of the coins around the globe. Today he has led QI Group of Companies into being one of the top 40 direct selling companies.

Outside of his work with his companies, Vijay Eswaran is deeply committed to philanthropy. One of the nonprofits he has established is the RYTHM Foundation. This foundation (RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) helps people achieve by providing them with business opportunities and life-enhancing products.

RYTHM Foundation also provides services to children with special needs. Additionally, it helps develop communities and has initiatives to help with the community members wellbeing.

Another foundation he founded in Malaysia is the Vijayaratnam Foundation which is devoted to helping children, especially disadvantaged female teens, through a variety of ways including education, arts & culture, community development, and improving the environment.

The Vijayaratnam foundation grants study loans to impoverished children who are enrolled in vocational courses. It funds projects that engage people in Malaysian culture such as dance, music, and fine arts. The way Mr. Eswaran helps the environment is by funding conservation efforts including planting trees.

Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics with a Socio-Economics degree. He earned his MBA at Southern Illinois University before moving back to his native country of Malaysia.

Fabletics: The Future of Online Retail Fashion

It has always been difficult for a new product or innovation to enter and actively compete in new markets. However, this does not seem to be the case for Kate Hudson as Fabletics is taking the e-commerce fashion industry by storm. Despite Amazon controlling more than twenty percent of the market, Fabletics has grown to a net worth of around 250 million dollars in only three years.


The online retail company deals with women’s sports gear and accessories popularly known as athleisure. The process is quite simple with customers required to subscribe and like their preferred brands. Armed with this data, Fabletics can capitalize on their customer’s likes and are therefore more convenient.


Previously, all that was needed to run a successful enterprise was excellent quality and reasonable pricing. With changing economic times, this is no longer the case. Instead, one has to put into consideration things like customer experience, exclusive design, brand recognition among other things to appeal to the new client. This move appears to be paying off well for Fabletics. In addition to their online stores, the brand is currently planning to open new ones in addition to their current ones based in places like California, Florida, Illinois and Hawaii. The present number of Fabletics retail stores stands at 18.


Gregg Throgmartin, the company’s general manager, believes that the brand’s knowledge of their clients is key to their extraordinary results. Most people browse for items in person but buy them elsewhere at lower prices. With this in mind, Fabletics’ strategy enables them to create and nurture relationships and as such get to know more about their markets. This way, almost half of the people who enter the store are already subscribed, members. This also beneficial to the stores since they only stock items that appeal to their individual localities.


Fabletics recorded a growth rate of 35 percent annually for the period it has been in existence. This increase is a result of excellent product quality and pricing. If the brand’s ability to understand the new market consumer is anything to go by, then Fabletics is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.