U.S. Money Reserve Provides Exceptional Gold Coins In The Market

Due to this recent development with China’s economy faltering, gold prices have shot up compared to what it used to be before. A smart investor will diversify his portfolio. From the financial meltdown that occurred in 2008, it would not be safe to just invest in shares and stocks but also it would be wise to invest in gold.

Whoever wins the keys to the White House, the price of gold is likely to go up. Depending on a number of crucial factors, such as who gets in and how markets react to their appointment.

Given that the US Money Reserve is going to hold on to the current rate, the US Dollar is not looking attractive. Hence, I think it should be a good time to increase investments in gold.

Rare coins can fetch millions of dollars at auction while new coins are being introduced every day in limited production runs but ensure they could appreciate in profit potential over the long term on the open market.

Gold bars come in different sizes or weights, from 1 gram to 12 oz, and every size in between, which makes it easier for your available budget. Gold bars, in the past few years, have got a lot of interest from investors and individuals.

Buy Gold from U.S. Money Reserve with confidence. Philip N. Diehl is the President of U.S. Money Reserve, he brings first-hand experience and expert knowledge to the field of precious metals, he was a former United States Mint Director.

Austim Chamber confirms that the U.S. Money Reserve company was founded by veterans of the gold market who were looking to combine excellent customer service with their expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance.

If you are interested in investing in precious metals, they recommend using their trained team of over one hundred professionals, which includes Senior Gold Specialists, Numismatic Experts, Vault and Shipping Departments, Coin Research Professionals, Compliance, and Standards Department, and more. The US Money Reserve offers a 100% guarantee on your investment of your precious metals. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within a 30-day period from your purchase date, you will receive 100% of your investment, excluding shipping, handling and insurance.

The U.S. Money Reserve provides their customers the very best precious metals available, along with outstanding customer service.

Source: http://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

Soros compares Chinese economical situation to U.S. in 2008

Billionaire investor George Soros said in a recent article on Bloomberg there are striking similarities between the current Chinese economy on bloomberg.com and that of the United States in 2008 that led to a global recession. Soros is one of the world’s richest men, having made his fortune in international finance.

The Chinese economy is growing, but the latest figures should be seen as a sign of possible bad things, Soros said at a meeting of the Asia Society in New York. He said the Chinese government seems to be focusing on growth and ignoring its mounting debt. The latest figures on https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros show the economy was at 2.3 trillion yuan, which would translate to $362 billion in U.S. Dollars. That is way beyond the forecast of 1.4 trillion yuan.

George Soros said this is what happened in the United States in 2008, when banks were lending money to keep bad debts afloat and to make up for money losing businesses. He said a “hard landing” is unavoidable in China.

Soros is said to be worth $24 billion, and he made that through intelligent wagers on markets around the world. He is currently betting against the Chinese economy in his investments. He has been having a running argument with China on investopedia.com in a sense.

Soros said Chinese banks have more loans than deposits and that is a troubling sign. George Soros added that banks are lending money to each other to cover debts, and that is another bad omen. The problems with the Chinese economy have been pushed down the road, but that can only continue so long, he said.

Also similar to thee U.S. economy of 2007, is the Chinese housing market, which is growing and is in a bubble. Home prices in Shenzhen, for instance, have grown 62 percent in recent times.

While the Chinese economy is growing, the growth seems artificial, based on debt, George Soros explained.

Andrew Colquhoun, of Fitch Ratings, said he was also concerned about the Chinese economy that is more and more based on debt.

Chinese economists do not agree, and they say the concern about the debt levels are exaggerated. The Chinese say real estate growth, industrial growth and producer prices, indicate the problem is not as bad as some say.

The Successful Life of Brian Bonar

Finances are important in every aspect of life. Whether you’re looking to invest or looking to sell, it is important to have the right mind-set when it comes to money. When I think about financially successful people, only one person comes to mind – Brian Bonar. If you don’t know who the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. is then allow me the opportunity to tell you a little about Mr. Bonar and how we became so financially successful in his career and life.

Brian Bonar was catapulted into the world of finance back in 1984 when he became Executive Director of Engineering at QMS Inc. until 1988. In 1988, he became Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corp. He devoted his time there for 2 years and then went on to serve as Worldwide Sales Manager of Adaptec Inc. until 1991. From there, Brian went on to serve as Director of Technology Sales of Dalrada Finacial Corp. from August of ’92 until April of ’94. It took very little time until he became Executive Vice President for Dalrada.

Fast forward to 2008 where he became President of Tradeshow Products Inc. and has remained ever since. He became the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. on March 12, 2010. Aside from the many career opportunities Brian was given, he worked for IBM for nearly 17 years as a procurement manager.

PR News Wire reported that his success could be credited to his technical background – he knows how to build a business structure extremely well and that actually works and benefits those involved. Brian Bonar received his Bachelors degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College.

His specialties include mergers and acquisitions. He enjoys taking a more creative and personable approach to his life in where he combines the technical genius of an engineer with the awesome creative power of an architect. Don’t let his extensive successful background scare you though – Brian is a family man with strong family values where he makes sure to spend quality time away from work in order to spend it with his loving and beautiful family. One of his many hobbies includes heading to the gulf course to enjoy the sun and taking long, relaxing boating trips whenever he’s not busy being a strong leader in the financial world.

You can read more about him here: http://mg2.com/about/people/brian-bonar/