Andy Wirth Weights In On The Ski Industry

For those interested in the California skiing industry there are few better authorities than Andy Wirth, the Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Corporation. Recently Mr. Wirth appeared on a episode of the KCRW syndicated radio talk show, Press Play, alongside host and interviewer, Madeleine Brand.

With El Nino and the daming effects of the so called, “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” on the brain the topic of the broadcast quickly turned to how the severe and historic drought currently going on (and now in it’s fifth year) in California has been affecting the skiing industry. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

With a new poll being released that shows that the primary concern of most Californians is the problems brought on by the drought the ski industry was naturally adversely affected. However, Mr. Andy Wirth replied, when asked how many winters his company could survive if the current drought continued, with the answer, “Indefinitely.”

One of the primary reasons he attributed to this was that his company had cleverly diversified it’s products such that even though skiing saw major declines there were still enough other attractions to make the company immensely profitable.

And even if this were not the case there would still be a enormous influx of great skiing to be had due to the innovations of artificial snow creation was well as snow management.

However, Mr. Andy Wirth had some good news to rely to the residents of California, especially those interested in skiing, that being that the adverse effects of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge can not and will not last forever.

Indeed, Mr. Wirth relays that this coming Winter will be the coldest one that California has experienced since the dreadful drought first began.

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How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

George Soros Believes in the New Ukraine

George Soros believes that bailing out the Ukrainian economy is a good thing because Ukraine has thrown off the burden of government and business corruption and has become democratic and modern. It is an outstanding member of the European Union. These high-minded values makes the future bright for Ukraine. Soros believes Ukraine is an authentically reformed country. For such a savvy financial genius, Ukraine is a good investment.

Out With the Old
Soros often points to the old Ukraine to illustrate how radical a transformation has proceeded to help the people of Ukraine. Freed from the yoke of past Ukrainian corruption, Soros believes the new Ukraine has enhanced integrity in the business of nation building and staved off challenges from separatists who dispute the legitimacy of an independent Ukrainian government. Many government officials make sacrifices every day, working for free or for small salaries to help Ukraine achieve nationhood.

Ordinary Ukrainians and Russians
Despite all the positive developments in Ukraine, Soros believes threats lie from within and without. To prove to the world that Ukraine has a legitimate economy is no easy matter. Indeed, even proving to Ukrainians that a new day is at hand hasn’t always worked. Indeed, Russia threatens to destroy the effort with invasion and financial sanctions.

Reform minded officials in Ukraine are striving for transparency, whether in government expenditures or with the country’s financial dealings. According to Soros, they want an independent and professional judiciary system. The past corruption is over. Of course, Ukraine also want to share their sovereignty with other EU nations. Soros believes this is an exceptional example and should get Europe’s financial support.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

How to Solve the Russian Problem
According to Soros, the Russian problem can only be alleviated with help from the West. If the West would cast the separatists’ complaints as a result of conspiring with Putin and the Russians, it would explode the myth of legitimate internal unrest in Ukraine. Financial help from the West would ease pressure on the Ukrainian economy as it gets a foothold in the global economy.

How Bailing Out Ukraine Works
By funding the Ukrainian economy with $15 billion, according to Soros, both problems of pressure from within and without are solved. Ukraine’s economy is rich in human capital and diversity, and investors would be served by equity stakes and profit-sharing, according to Soros. Russia would be unable to use Ukraine’s as an excuse for invasion and financial sanctions. Soros believes that most Russians believe Putin’s argument that Ukraine is a mess. If Ukraine could prove how wrong they are, ordinary Russians would disagree with their President.

Ukraine, as Russia’s largest neighbor, has historically been the first threat to Russian power. According to Soros, if Ukraine becomes a fine example of a functioning member of the EU, Russia would feel tremendous pressure to change its ways and join the World as an economic partner and not a military threat.

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Lauren Conrad’s Tips for A Good Party – And The Good Life

Planning a party is about so much more than the color of your table cloths or deciding whether to blast Pandora via Bluetooth or hire a live D.J. At its heart, party planning is really about spending time with the people you love, and, according to Lauren Conrad, just the right amount of imperfection. In an upbeat conversation with, the sweetheart hostess revealed a few of her secrets for a great party, and they just so happen to be secrets for a great life as well. She’s all about making things fun and beautiful without making them too fussy. Imperfection helps people relax and have fun. And, “at the end of the day,” she says, “the most important thing is that you are having as much fun as your guests and enjoying each other’s company. The point is to celebrate—and that means everyone.”

So, how do you find that perfect amount of imperfection? Well, unless you’ve got Martha Stewart on speed dial or consider yourself especially gifted as the hostess with the mostest, you hire an event planner.

And Twenty Three Layers, NYC-based event planners, might be just what you’re looking for. Offering full-service planning and production of any event you can dream up, they’ll lend you their gorgeous creativity and planning prowess from brainstorming to clean up.

The masterminds at Twenty Three Layers have worked hard to build relationships with the best vendors and associates in town, and it’s clear they’ve got scads of personal design talent as well. They’ve worked with big-name clients like Anthropologie and Jaguar, and left their clients with nothing but great things to say.

Finding that sweet spot where sophistication and unfussiness meet isn’t easy, but the innovators at Twenty Three Layers have worked hard to make it your reality every single time. They can handle the details with beautiful ease, and leave you free to focus on enjoying yourself and celebrating, which, as Lauren Conrad reminded us, is the goal for parties– and for life.

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A Leader and a Merchandising Officer: Kenneth Goodgame

Ken Goodgame is the current Chief Merchandising Officer and the Senior Vice President of True Value Company. He joined the company 20 years ago gathering more than 20 years of experience in retail and consumer packaged goods from various other companies that he worked with.

For instance, Kenneth worked at Techtronic Industries in North America in 2008. He led the dramatic turnaround of a $75 million worth firm; Baja Motorsports – a subsidiary company of Techtronic – by launching a new retail division that delivered the company’s first yearly profit of $5 million. He achieved this by instituting new compliance procedures, resolved prevalent environmental protection fines as well as restructuring the company. He improved products quality, drove immediate growth in sales and identified opportunities for consolidation with other production firms in China.

He implemented a revolutionary Craftsman program that grew the hand tool division from $8 million to $180 million in sales. In a volatile economic period, Kenneth Goodgame revamped the company’s planning and strategy stimulating a 4.5% in annual growth among top line sales. He also managed the firm profit and loss for over $3.2 billion in global purchasing covering 78,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) as the department manager, driving 70% of corporate strategy.

Ken Goodgame joined True Value Company on November 6th, 2013. He brought with him advanced executive leadership from hardware manufacturing, consumer goods and retail. He is an expert at merchandise planning, gross margin management, product assortments and private label strategies that focus on stimulating high-performance teams and innovation.

Kenneth has served in various companies including Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid in the SHUR-LINE businesses as well as at Bernzomatic and Cleaning subsidiary. At Home Depot, Kenneth served as the proprietary manager, launching a product for the company’s RIDGID brand. He was regarded as the product evangelist who had a strong customer focus, a consistent urge to drive results or improve performance not to mention his renowned leadership skills.


Bob Reina Accepts Another Prestigious Award for Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has reached the top of the video and communication industry in less than a decade. This March, Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, received the prestigious WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Talk Fusion added Video Chat to its list of communication services, and was recognized as a leading, all-in-one, Video Marketing Solution Video Chat is a new service for individuals and businesses of all sizes. With this award, Talk Fusion was publicly recognized as the stellar Internet marketing leader that it is.

Talk Fusion leads the industry with several outstanding technological improvements with Video Chat as the latest, released only a month prior to receiving the WebRTC Award. Users of Talk Fusion are now able to talk face-to-face on any smartphone or online device with Video Chat, and it is available on iTunes and Google Play at all app stores.

The IT team that works with Reina is dedicated to improving the way the world communicates, and they work diligently to do that. From the beginning of the company in 2007, Video Email was the first service that Reina made available. The technology was so advanced at that time that it immediately went global to over 130 countries. Talk Fusion instantly joined the international market.

Video Chat has advanced the communication concept and users couldn’t be more excited about it. Recently, Bob Reina has also released the anticipated Free Trial Progam, which is for anyone. There are no credit card or personal information requirements, and potential customers will be able to try all of the services Talk Fusion has to offer,

Bob Reina maintains the highest moral business practices at Talk Fusion, and he lives by his motto, “with great success comes greater responsibility.” He runs this company with integrity, which is the reason why he has attained the high status in communications and the main asset behind his success.

Among other prestigious accomplishments, he is a member of the outstanding Direct Selling Association. His philanthropic services are almost as recognized as Talk Fusion; this latest award is well-deserved.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Dentist, Philanthropist and Musician

Avi Weisfogel is a very well-known and respected dentist in the New Jersey area who owns his own practice. He has recently started his own GoFundMe campaign by donating $2000 into the fund to get it started. Every dollar will be donated to an organization called Operation Smile. It’s a foundation that was created for young children to promote hope for their future by performing surgeries to correct their facial deformities. Some suffer from cleft palates and some suffer from cleft lips or other deformities that that volunteers with Operation Smile help to perform. The organization has made its way as a global organization and has been helping young children since 1984. The organization is purely based upon donations and they have been able to perform thousands of surgeries throughout the world with their first mission being stationed in the Philippines. The foundation was originally founded by Bill and Kathy Magee and they have been making Operation Smile a successful venture for many years with the help of generous people such as Avi Weisfogel.

Weisfogel is also the founder of a educational program called the Dental Sleep Masters. He has dedicated much of his life to educations and helping others with the program and development with patient’s that have sleep disorders. By educating other dentists offices and their staff with what they should be looking for when their patient’s experience sleep apnea symptoms, Dr. Weisfogel can help other doctors diagnose and correct sleep disorders. With so many people suffering from sleep apnea and aren’t even aware of it, Weisfogel is even more determined to help those and to promote his program to correct disorders throughout the world. He also has an oral device that can be used for patient’s to correct their sleep apnea and clear the obstruction that they’re having when they’re sleeping.

When Dr. Weisfogel isn’t busy with his own practice and putting in time and effort into his Dental Sleep Master’s program, he likes to write hip hop music in his free time and places his recorded music on You can follow his music ventures and find out more information by visiting the website.

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Eric Pulier: Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Extraordinaire

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. He began programming computers at a very young age in his hometown of Teaneck, New Jersey. While in high school, he put his knowledge of computer systems to work and began a database computer company. He later went on to attend Harvard University, majoring in English and American literature.

Throughout his career, Pulier has founded more than 15 different companies. In 1991, he founded People Doing Things (PDT), a company addressing many major world issues through the use of technology. He also participated in Vice President Gore’s forum on health care and the use of technology, advising on several initiatives. In addition to this, Pulier is a supporter and participant of the Clinton Global Initiative.

A sample of the companies started by Eric Pulier include, Desktone, ServiceMesh, US Interactive, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Besides these, and others not included here, Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for ventures in many different fields and disciplines. He has helped entrepreneurs around the world get the necessary funding and take a project from an idea to a successful company. Many of these include many seed level startups focusing on media and technology.

Pulier also involves himself in philanthropic endeavors and charitable organizations. The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation are among the most notable of these. He sits on the board of The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for chronically ill children. At the X-Prize Foundation, he sits on the Innovation Board. The X-Prize Foundation strives to drive innovation and shape a better future through the use of technology, and integrate machines to be able to better collaborate with human. He contributes financially and works with various other organizations such as the Campaign for Free College Tuition and the ACE Foundation.

Besides being on the the most successful entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology, Pulier is also an accomplished public speaker and author, co-authoring ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ with Hugh Taylor. Currently, Pulier lives in Los Angeles, California with his four children.

Diversant And John Goullet Create A Winning IT Team

IT solutions for businesses are becoming more and more important the longer that business stays digital. Companies are working online every day to make money, and these same companies are finding out that they need to work with a company that will create their own IT systems. No one has to buy something out a package when they can come to Diversant and John Goullet for help. John Goullet started the company so that he could provide these exact service, and now he runs the company with a large team of programmers who do the work that he used to do on his own.

The large team at Diversant works with John Goullet to learn what their best options are for working out new systems for customers, and Goullet leads the team in trying to figure out what will help the client once the system has been delivered. Diversant is a brilliant place where creative people can do a lot of things, but those same people also step in to see what can be done when there is a problem with a client.

He will teach all his clients what they need when they are putting together new computer systems, and he will help them pick out something that actually works for them. John Goullet prefers to help his clients with issues that make their businesses more efficient. He wants them to have a high powered system that is very easy for them to use, and he wants them to feel like they got custom work for a good price. That is the power and prestige that comes with Diversant and John Goullet’s team.

James Dondero and Linda Owen

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that is dedicated to providing individuals with the best investment advice that enables any investor to receive a high rate of return with minimal risk liability. This investment firm was founded in 1993 by Dondero who is an individual that has always been dedicated to helping the client. As a company that specializes in global credit managers, this company can offer strategies such as credit services, separate accounts, as well as solutions for companies and individuals in both the public and private sector. With locations all over the world, James Dondero has truly become and innovator and an individual that is highly sought after for his name. With a headquarters in Dallas, Tx, James Dondero and his team have truly made themselves available to the community. In recent news, James Dondero and his team have been stepping up their game in regards philanthropy and have begun giving more and more back to the community.

In recent news, James Dondero has announced his partnership with Linda Owen, a philanthropist who is the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. As a civic leader in many organizations within the Dallas community, Linda Owen has been able to give back to the community on behalf of Highland Capital Management. This partnership was formed as James Dondero decided to expand Highland Capital’s charity presence. As an individual who has proved herself to provide excellent public and private partnerships, Linda Owen became the ideal match for Mr. Dondero’s company.

Since Ms. Owen’s new appointment, Highland Capital Management has given a total of $3 million to charitable organization in Dallas. Through working with Dondero, Linda Owen has stated that his dedication is inspiring. Not only is Mr. Donero able to come up with creative solutions to solve any problem, but he is also able to use his success in order to give back to the community. This investment firm hopes to become one of the biggest donators to worthy organizations in the Dallas community. With the help of Linda Owen, this goal has become a reality.

FreedomPop: the Cheapest Wireless Service Out Right Now

FreedomPop is primarily a phone service but also offers mobile data for mobile hotspots or tablet, and also offers home internet. A lot of people who join FreedomPop actually bring their own Sprint devices because FreedomPop uses the Sprint network to provide service because Sprint leases out their service to multiple companies. They are primarily known for their affordability as they start off by offering free entry level service.

It also gives 10 million hotspot wifi locations to users if they pay 5 dollars a month. This is huge because most of the data eaten up by phones is over wifi. It works across multiple devices, and is used over an android app. Large retail locations are where the hotspots are available. This would be instead of using cellphone towers, and you would get your voice, data, and text from this wifi network. This works best if you live in more populated areas.

If the free plan isn’t enough for you, as it wouldn’t be enough for me, then FreedomPop offers more to their plan. Their free service offers 200 minutes of call, 500 texts, ad 500 MB of data a month. That might sound like a decent amount, but I sent about 30 texts today so it would be used up halfway through the month. Even though the better plan costs some money, you would still save on your mobile plan. It’s about 20 dollars a month for voice and data, and then 10 dollars more a month if you want primer. Primer comes with more alerts on usage, data rollover, security, support, and more.

You can get 5 or 10 GB of Internet by paying. If your work requires a lot of Internet use like mine does, or if you are big on streaming (also like me), then this plan might not be for you. However, it can work well as a free back up for possible outages and works really well if you use Internet mostly for emailing and basic web browsing.

To make sure FreedomPop works for your area, talk to people who use it.,2817,2427635,00.asp