Securus Technologies Maintaining Order in Prison

When you work inside the most dangerous and crowded prison on the west coast, you need every advantage on your side to keep order with the inmates. There are many inmates in this facility that are doing life sentences, and they would jump at the chance to hurt an officer or another inmate. Each day that me and my fellow officers comes to work could be our last, so we are always looking for ways to maintain order and keep the facility as safe as it can be.


During the day, we perform several tasks that are designed to help control the flow of contraband in the jail. When you keep things like drugs and weapons out of the hands of the inmates, they are less likely to do harm to another. We perform full body searches whenever a visitor is coming to see one of the inmates. We make sure nothing can change hands during that visit. We perform cell inspections each day, looking for anything that doesn’t belong. We check the mail and listen to inmate calls to see if everything is as it should be.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate telephone monitoring system, we discovered that we not only had a new resource in our efforts to maintain safety, it was like we added a half-dozen officers to the staff. The LBS software can do the work of a number of officers, always monitoring calls for any verbiage that needs our attention. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has placed these systems in over 2,400 jails around the country and talks about how his employees have the objective of making our world safe.


Since we began using the monitoring system, we have reduced violent episodes, removed thousands of dollars of drugs from the jail, and confiscated weapons hidden on the property.

How Twenty Three Layers Can Help To Hold A Memorable Event In NYC


Planning a party, especially a corporate event, can be a stressful experience. There are a number of ways of limiting the stress, though, with the number one way of being organized. Starting the planning of the party early and outlining each step can eliminate the stress that people have when their disorganized going about the planning of the party.

Parties don’t have to be complicated in order to be fun. You can try to keep a table setting simple by handwriting the names of guests on their placements or simply adding a vibrantly colored napkin at each setting. You can also send out invites that are simple and obtained at a local craft store.

One great idea is having a self-serve bar where guests can create their own concotions. This helps to generate conversations. Another idea is to have a specialty drink that is tied into the theme of your party, like a Margarita served at a South-of-the-Border themed party. Going along with the drinks, you can serve appetizers in place of a single meal. This gives all the guests the opportunity to try out a lot of different food. Creating these hors d’oeuvres can be made more convenient by using ready made items from the grocery store.

Those who live in New York can make their party planning even simpler by using the services of Twenty Three Layers. An event planning companies in NYC, they have years of experience hosting memorable events for their clients. They help with everything from selecting the location of your party to the caterer, photographers, lighting, and entertainment.

As corporate event planners in New York City, Twenty Three Layers can also provide their help no matter the size of your event. They have been used to creating branding about the event that makes it the perfect day for making personal contact with the clients of the company. Their custom printing services are also used quite often which can be used to create customized invitations, menus, event signage, and all of the other printed word needs that are needed for the event.


How Michael Lacey Changed Media

In 1970 Michael dropped out of college at Arizona State University and began working with a couple of fellow students to create the Phoneix New Times. This was published because of the conservative coverage of campus antiwar protests. As a response to this conservative media expression of the protests, Lacey published his response and gained experience he would use throughout his career.

Micheal Lacey partnered with Jim Larkin and began exploring multiple political topics and social issues in his publications. His publication was free and was published on a weekly basis. This news source soon gained a major following. Soon the Phoneix New Times became one of the most read alternative newspapers in the country.

After years of success, Micheal Lacey decided to expand his business by buying Westword and went on to expand to 17 newspapers that aimed to spread similar messages and sides to story’s that were not usually covered.

Over the years, Michael Lacey and his partner Jim Larkin got into some hard water. During one of their publications, they made some remarks about the grand jury and their subpoena tactics. After a short arrest, all charges against them were dropped and they eventually went on to win a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the county to blame for their arrests. Learn more about Mike Lacey:

Later his newspaper empire went on to become Village Voice Media Holdings. Village Voice Media Holdings is nationally known be utterly committed to the First Amendment and strive to protect it.

The topics they cover are commonly long term investigation pieces and covering common events in a more sophisticated and catered style. They have gained attention for their magazine style of writing and formatting and over time has built a following of over 60 million readers.

Micheal Lacey was a college dropout that built a media empire that gained the attention of millions of readers a month. After years of building his media empire, he eventually sold his empire. Throughout his career, he changed the way newspapers worked and the way they communicated their messages. Micheal Lacey is a media hero who changed the media in the United States.

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Understanding Law With Karl Heideck

Understanding Law With Karl Heideck
Understanding Law With Karl Heideck

The recent signing of the law that prevents employers from asking about applicants salaries history continues to make waves in Philadelphia. The bill came with a lot of legal complications with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia claiming it was unconstitutional. The law is meant to help in closing the wage gap between females and males in Pennsylvania. Gender equality has not been maintained primarily in the work force, and employers often accused of using salary data as a basis of whether to give or decline an applicant a job.

Other challenges that came with the enforced law were lawsuits from groups who stated that the law was bent on negatively affecting businesses. The law suits that were brought against the City of Philadelphia because of the unpopular law were later dropped as they did not specify how the law would injure businesses. At the moment it is unclear whether the law will face challenges in the future. Complainants might have a challenge if they decide to place a new filing. The chamber will be forced to pinpoint companies that ask employees about their salary histories during interviews. Such revelation will have a severe impact on the public relations of mentioned firms. The major objective of the law is to ensure equal pay for employees of all genders. Companies are advised to seek services of lawyers who understand risk and compliant law. Such lawyers can help them in restructuring the employment structure so that they are compliant with the regulations.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance service. Karl has been a Hire Counsel listed attorney from 2015 and also runs a blog where he helps people understand the laws in Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck got his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore college in 2003.He then proceeded to study law at Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law and graduated in 2009.He practiced independently for companies and private citizens and had also worked in different legal positions in various law firms such as Pepper Hamilton LLP. While at Conrad O’Brien he was an associate. Karl currently operates from his offices in Jenkintown.

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Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Civil Rights Groups Gain Momentum

In a time where abuse is high amongst those in higher positions, the need for more aid in human rights is important. There are many cases that have been reported where agents in the customs field have caused verbal or physical harm to people at the United States and Mexican border.

Many of these cases could be linked to hate crimes however because it is occurring at a position where there is such high debate, nothing is being done. For most of the people who are committing these horrible acts, in most cases, the people causing the harm go undisciplined. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

A group once known as the Border Rights Coalition was established in 1990. The group was started by civil rights activists, lawyers and church groups. The group first started to document the cases that were alleged to have been caused by patrol agents of the border and became very active in the protests involving the treatment of the immigrants crossing the border.

It was later changed to the Border Network for the Human Rights in the year 2001. Once a new president came to office, the group carried out various forums aimed at helping to educate immigrants about their constitutional rights and what they are entitled to.

Some people who know quite a bit about this background are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Back in October of 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were raised from their beds in the middle of the night to be greeted by police officers who were there to arrest them. They were taken from their homes, forced into handcuffs and shoved into a SUV that would lead them to different jails to await a hearing in front of a judge.

The arrests came on the heels of Sheriff Arpaio who carried the nickname of America’s Toughest Sheriff. It was due to an article that was held by the Phoenix New Times that showcased his numerous misdeeds that landed the two of them in jail. At the time, the sheriff had been accused of creating a anti-Mexican fear within the Arizona State boundaries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

He was accused of creating financial irregularities as well as to causing mismanagement within the local sheriff’s office. It was his abuse of power which caused the article to run on the Phoenix New Times Website.

It was Larkin and Lacey who created the first story that displayed on the cover page which drew attention to the sheriff and the wrong doings he was being accused of. The sheriff requested that the grand jury seek the documents that contained the information on the sheriff and the browsing history of those who read the stories on the web.

The subpoenas that were issued had requested that the writers and readers of the stories be sought after. Instead of the subpoenas causing Larkin and Lacey to cave into the courts, they decided to go against it and carry on with the story. After charges were dismissed, they created the Frontera Fund which helps advocacy and civil rights organizations to have financial gain where they normally would lack due to civil rights movements.

An Interview With Adam Milstein

Real estate investor Adam Milstein is known for his philanthropy and community leadership. Born in Isreal, Milstein moved to the United States in 1981 and started working in Souther California’s commercial real estate market. He is the Managing Partner of the real estate development company Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council, for which he serves as National Chairman. As a community leader, he also sits on the boards of several nonprofits including the Jewish Funders Network, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Isreal, and the Israel on Campus Coalition among others. He also started the charity Sifriyat Pijama B’America which provides free books to Jewish-American families, published in Hebrew, that teach Jewish values.

When Milstein arrived in the United States he obtained his MBA in entrepreneurship from the Univerity of Southern California. As he wasn’t getting job offers that he felt matched his knowledge and experience he decided to strike out on his own and became a Real Estate Commercial Broker. He earned enough in three years that he was able to invest himself in real estate.

In a recent interview, Adam Milstein talked about his career and work habits. One of the things that he really enjoys about his career in real estate is how up and down the market is, which creates opportunities. He does say that because supply always lags behind demand you need to have patience as it can take years to get the results you are after. He goes on to say that you need to rely on yourself as you can’t on other people. He wants to understand problems himself so he can arrive at the solution that is best for him.

He believes one of the reasons he has been successful is by not setting specific goals as he finds those self-limiting. He instead puts in the hard work and does his best when making real estate and business decisions. He also cautions against wanting immediate success, especially in the real estate market. The best way to succeed, he says, is to take the long road and avoid the shorter one.

Shopping In Korea With Kim Dao And Sunnydahye

In one of YouTuber Kim Dao’s latest vlogs, Kim takes her viewers shopping in South Korea’s capital Seoul with Sunnydahye. This fun vlog is called “Korea Vlog: Cafes & Shopping! | KimDao in KOREA ft. Sunnydahye.”


At the start of the video, Kim Dao shows viewers all the wonderful stores in Gangnam Station. A few stores she passes include TonyMoly, Etude House, and Company. Kim Dao mentions to Sunny that there’s even more Pokémon advertising in South Korea than there is in Japan. Learn more:


After they’re done shopping for a bit, Kim Dao and Sunny grab a metro and head out for some lunch. They both eat dumplings and soup at a nearby Asian restaurant.


Next, Kim Dao and Sunny go shopping nearby Hongdae. Kim takes viewers around various makeup shops in the area. She also shows us Sunny’s stunning outfit in a store mirror. Learn more:


Kim Dao and Sunny take a break at the Florté Flower Café. As you could probably guess from the name, all of the menu items at this café have a flower theme. Kim and Sunny put on flower tiaras to get in the spirit of the café’s ambience.


In the next shot, the two friends do some more shopping around Hongdae. Kim Dao tries on a cute pink jacket at a clothing store.

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At the end of the video, Kim Dao heads to the Myeong-dong area for dinner. Kim Dao films her succulent meal and a strawberry parfait she orders for dessert at the Café de Paris.

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