How Does A Typical Day For Bridget Scarr Look Like?

It’s sometimes tricky balancing some family time with work. For Bridget Scarr, she has managed to get a balance on both as she ensures she gives both ample times. Bridget Scarr is the content developer, strategist and in charge of partnerships at Colibri Studios.



Bridget Scarr has been involved in many productions, and she has gained experience enough for the efficient running of Colibri Studios. The mother of one is very particular on how she handles her work duties as well as still has time with her partner and her son.



Her previous experience has seen her in leadership positions, and she has mastered the art of delegation as well as working with people. She has moved from working with five people to over 200 of them. Her principle is that everybody needs to be equally treated which is why she’s able to work together with her team.



Bridget Scarr’s day starts with some meditation. This is a routine she believes is very instrumental to her mental health. Meditation helps in keeping her focused and psychologically ready for the day. Once she’s done with meditation, she has breakfast with her son and partner before heading out for work. She commutes to work which is not so far from her home. During this time, she plans her day and the activities she needs to do.



Upon arrival to the office, she comes up with new ideas for projects and extensively researches about it. The morning section is when she concentrates more and comes up with viable ideas that are most likely to succeed. She then presents the ideas to her team, and they get to discuss in details.



Bridget understands that having a team where you are on the same page is what will take Colibri to the next level. The company was established in 2016 and has been showing a lot of positive progress. After the morning hours, she heads back home to have lunch with her family as it’s their main meal.



In the afternoon she goes back to work and does follow-ups on emails. As the one in charge of partnerships, she looks for people willing to partner with Colibri to come up with award-winning projects that will be beneficial to both parties.



Bridget is multitalented as she is a singer, songwriter as well as an author. Her strength is in creating creative content. Her passion is what is driving her towards success, and she has no signs of giving up.


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Meet Paul Mampilly; An Investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a focused businessman with unmatched abilities. Paul has distinguished himself in the finance and investment industry in offering great advice through Profits Unlimited an Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly has featured on television broadcasts like CNBC and Bloomberg TV where he shares his knowledge in business. Mampilly mostly specializes in the stock market, and he aims to help many individuals to make the most out of their money.

At Bankers Trust, Wall Street is where Paul begun his profession as a portfolio assistant manager. Later he worked at ING and Deutsche Banks where he took high-ranked offices and was in charge their big accounts. With his abilities and experience, Kinetics Asset Management employed him to manage their hedge funds. When they employed Mampilly, Kinetics Asset Management was worth $6 billion. But after Mampilly leadership, Kinetics firm assets grew to $25 billion.

His unique knowledge in business didn’t stop there. Templeton Foundation invited Mampilly to participate in big investment competition where great investor competed. Paul Mampilly won the Templeton competition comfortably as he managed to invest $50 million, and within a year the investment had grown up to $88 million. On top of that, Paul has invested in Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix and later sold his shares which gave him significant gains. With his experience, he gives advice on which companies to invest in and when to do it.

Paul Mampilly said he left Wall Street because he felt it wasn’t helping many people. After leaving, he aimed at helping the local people by offering guidance on proper investments. Through newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited‘ Paul can reach many individuals. He is dedicated to offering credible investment advice that will change the lives of many local people. Before giving investment advice, Paul focuses on the positive and negative aspects of a recommendation.

Paul Mampilly uses great strategies to make his business grow and expand. His priorities are straight, and with his newsletter, he addresses the readers needs before anything else. Mampilly also makes money in the stock exchange market using few basic principles that address various buying and selling patterns. Paul Mampilly knows that in business there are ups and downs, but one needs to adjust to overcome the challenges.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage: Outstanding Chemist and entrepreneur

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is a scientist turned entrepreneur. He attained his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California. He was awarded a P.H.D from the reputable Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in chemistry. During his time at MIT, he worked at the laboratory of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Richard Shrock.

He has over three decades working in several positions in the pharmaceutical world. In 2003, the outstanding scientist joined 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner. His competence in the firm was quickly noticed and was made a Managing partner the next year.

Currently based at the Boston office, Dr. Rocklage has invented and co-invented more than 30 United States patents. With his incredible and focus driven leadership, he has been part of 3 new drug applications that were approved by the United States FDA. The brilliant Chemist has also entered numerous drugs into clinical trials something that is quite an accomplishment in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

Scott is a team player who believes in motivating his team to achieve efficient results. His leadership qualities developed from working in pharmaceutical management makes him a greater who ensures quality and efficient results.

He is currently chair to three board organizations namely, Kinestral, Cidara, and Renovia. He is also a member of the council of other agencies like Pulmatrix.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has written more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications. His research aims at solving the problems facing human diseases and their solutions.The scientist has also worked in various research laboratories over the years where he gave unparalleled insight into many problems.

He believes in dedication to one’s field and hard work. He is known for his multi-tasking abilities yet fruitful outcomes. For example, he was once the Chief Executive officer at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and at the same time was the chairman of the same company.

He is a philanthropist who believes in giving back to society and currently is a board member of the nonprofit organization Whitehead Institute. The institution researches biomedical related fields and its education. He is a well-known entrepreneur who continues to develop sound and practical strategies for the company he works.

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Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Receive a Boost from Leonardo DiCaprio

Green Park Brands Inc. received investments from Leonardo DiCaprio and a Chicago-based private equity firm in the second quarter of 2017. Green Park Brands was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo. The brand has been the talk of the town lately because of its organic chickpea snack, Hippeas. Although Bisterzo refrained from disclosing the amount his two latest partners brought, he says that (at present) his company has raised $2.5 million.

Hippeas is barely a year old, and the company has generated over $2.5 million in wholesale revenues. The future is bright for the new product as Bisterzo estimates that the product will generate over $11 million in wholesale sales this year. Bisterzo entrepreneurship experiences obtained from his two previous startups, Kyoku and Little Miracles, are likely to play a crucial role in the success of Hippeas.

Presently, Hippeas snacks are available in many stores across America. For example, Hippeas are retailed at Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. Plans are underway to avail the product in Kroger Co. and Target stores as the year comes to an end. Surprisingly, Hippeas is also available in the United Kingdom. Bisterzo being a forward-thinking entrepreneur has already established a Hippeas office in the UK to help expand his target market beyond the U.S.

All factors considered, Hippeas came to market on time. According to Rogue Thought Consulting report prepared for Packaged Facts, sales of snacks such as Hippeas grew by 7% in 2016; revenues from snacks rose to $1.1 billion last year from $1.03 billion in 2015. Snacks specially made from chickpeas experienced an exponential growth estimated to be over 153%. Norman Deschamps, the owner of the Canadian research firm Rogue Thought Consulting, says that the category of snacks made from chickpeas is competitive. However, he highlights that big brands failed to join the market in time leaving players such as Green Park Brands to have a chance of dominating the market. Hippeas is a promising product that will either dominate the market or be bought by a major snack manufacturing company.

Bisterzo is an American of Italian descent. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his family.

Osteo Relief Institute Helps Restore Joints and Lives

There are over 100 types of arthritis affecting people across the globe. Although there is no definitive cure for arthritis, there are ways to treat it and understand the role it plays in many people’s lives. In its most common form arthritis is known as osteoarthritis. When the cartilage begins to deteriorate the bones rub against one another and so movement becomes difficult due to pain. It is often the case that as people age arthritis becomes more prevalent. Other factors which may influence a person’s chances of developing osteoarthritis include: being overweight as it creates pressure on the joints, having had injuries, and having family members that are affected by the condition.

Although the joint disease cannot be entirely cured there are measures which can be taken to help ensure a quality life for individuals. The three most important factors in treating arthritis include: having a daily routine, physical exercise, and medical treatment (Facebook). Having a routine each day in which a person takes measures to prevent aches can be very helpful. By stretching, avoiding repetitive motions that cause pain, and moving the body’s position as necessary damage to joints can be avoided daily. Also ensuring that one’s weight is under control can help prevent the harmful effects brought on by joint pressure. Engaging in physical activity which builds muscle around the joints, but doesn’t cause too much impact or friction can allow a person to build strength and improve health.

Osteo Relief Institute is providing a service to the community by helping treat arthritis in individuals. With multidisciplinary clinics, Osteo Relief Institute can provide patients with an array of services and a versatile staff of trained medical professionals. The physicians and physical therapists at Osteo Relief Institute seek to give patients a pleasant and helpful experience. Located in Wall Township, New Jersey Osteo Relief Institute specializes in joint injections to ensure that patients are able to regain a sense of control not only in their joints but in their lives. If patients require more invasive procedures to help them deal with knee pain surgery is also available at Osteo Relief Institute.

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Eli Greshkovitch and the Community-oriented Steamworks Brewery

Business owner Eli Greshkovitch has been working in the business of craft beer for a few decades now. Over the course of his career, he has seen the ups and downs of the industry, and he is positive that the current times are the most profitable and prosperous for craft beer businesses.


Mr. Eli Greshkovitch stablished Steamworks Brewery in an old building and called the company after the antique brewer working on steam that was left behind in the building. That same piece of machinery produced the first craft beer of the business back when Steamworks Brewery was but a local pub brewery ( Eli Greshkovitch ) is the CEO of the company which is above all a community.


Steamworks Brewery is not your regular beer producer. It is far different from corporate beer brands in the fact that Steamworks Brewery values communities above all and sees art in the way craft beer is produced and drank by clients. That has a lot to do with the success of Steamworks Brewery according to Eli Greshkovitch . Back in the day, Mr. Eli Greshkovitch was focused on what he had at the moment instead of rapidly looking for business expansion. When the opportunities came, however, he contemplated them and the community of Ontario, where the company is based, encouraged Mr. Eli Greshkovitch to persevere and often donated money so that the business could take on the opportunity.


Mr. Eli Greshkovitch is quite different compared to some other business people (OttawaCitizen). His demeanor is calm and joyful, and business suits are not his regular attire. Mr. Eli Greshkovitch likes to work in the business and not only operate it from his office. He regularly spends time where the beer is produced and work alongside his employees.


At the same time, Mr. Eli Greshkovitch has a sharp mind, and he has become quite analytical of the business after decades of working in it. Mr. Eli Greshkovitch aims to revolutionize craft beer brewery in Canada. The Steamworks Brewery is one of the top companies in the art in Ontario. The Canadian province is the most preferred for such businesses in the whole Cntry.

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