Steve Ritchie The New CEO Of Papa Johns

As customers were getting more and more upset, and putting in more complaints, Papa John’s fell under the new management of CEO Steve Ritchie. Ritchie sent out a letter to his workers, customers, and franchises letting them know that he had strong efforts in place to fix all of the concerns and problems. Sales at Papa John’s had dropped drastically. Ritchie had big hopes and dreams to get Papa John’s up and running at their full potential once again.

Ritchie had taken trips to Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, and a few other places to visit the franchises in the area and talk to employees about any issues that they thought needed to be addressed. He wanted to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. Ritchie wanted all the feedback he could get about how all of his workers think that Papa John’s can do better. Another thing that Ritchie wanted to do was to add diversity to their team of workers.

Recently, Papa John’s has started developing a plan to make a positive impact on the communities where their employees live. Ritchie states that Papa John’s stands for being fair to everyone, respecting everyone and everything, and giving more people the opportunity to better themselves. Ritchie wants to make sure that everyone working for Papa John’s is passionate about their job, the people they work with, and the people they are serving. He wants to make sure the customers stay happy and want to come back for more.

Papa John’s was once one of the best pizza places in the country. So, getting them back up and running at their full potential will see them nothing but success in the future. Papa John’s has a good chance of becoming very successful, and making its employees very successful. Steve Ritchie is leading Papa John’s to nothing but success.

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