Anticipate Up To 100 Fabletics Store Openings In The Future

JustFab has created an incredible fan base for their stores, and many of these loyal customers have shopped at some if not all of their fellow stores, including Fabletics. Even though Fabletics is the most recently introduced store that belongs to the JustFab company, they have become very popular within a short period of time. Many took to the Fabletics stores because of the fact that they were able to get some fashionable athletic wear that was snug fitting and looked great. Not only Fabletics was the athletic wear good-looking but also affordable as well. Many have complained about expensive activewear that they purchased elsewhere, whereas purchasing it on the Fabletics website saved them a lot of money.

Those that love saving money by shopping on the Fabletics website will love it even more because now they can shop in physical stores that are found in several different locations. With seven stores currently open and many more soon to come, Fabletics lovers will soon be rejoicing. The information that is found in the Racked article about Fabletics store openings states that Kate Hudson, as well as co-founder Adam Goldenberg, are anticipating opening a total of 100 stores, but at least a minimum of 75 stores will be opened. These stores will allow customers to purchase memberships as well as to shop at the stores to get their products that much faster.

Those who currently shop on the Fabletics on are able to make their purchase and have the items shipped out to their home, which many people love. Although it is convenient to have items shipped to a member, some would prefer to be able to pick up their clothing in person, especially since they’ll be able to try it on to see if they like the way the outfit looks on them before they purchase it. Having Fabletics stores available for those who like to shop in regular stores is a great way to bring in a new customer base because not everyone is a fan of shopping online. Source:

Those who have become members of Fabletics can feel free to use their membership in either the storefront or the online store, and the fee stays the same at only $49.95 each month. Those who choose to get a membership can cancel at any time and still keep the monies spent on their membership fee within their account until they are ready to spend it. Many enjoy their membership to Fabletics, which is why some have continued their membership as well as recommending others to purchase the same membership. The opening of the Fabletics stores is a great way to serve customers who want athletic wear at lower prices but without having the items shipped.

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