Avaaz Brings Activism Into The Homes Of People Across The Planet

The Internet has changed the way people across the planet live their lives, whether in the way we receive our news or how we look to learn about the campaigns and causes that affect the lives of people in far flung regions of the world. The Avaaz group has become one of the world’s leading activism organizations with its basis in the Online realm that has been developed to allow a global group of members to influence the political and human rights landscape across the planet; Avaaz has achieved much after only being established in year 2007 and has allowed Online membership to grow from a grassroots campaigning group to have more than 44 million members globally.

The founding members of Avaaz come from a range of different backgrounds, and include a former U.S. Congressman, a British academic, and an Australian entrepreneur. The global outlook of Avaaz is reflected in the name of the group that has been translated into a number of languages, including Persian to provide English translations meaning either voice or song as the organization is hoping to develop a voice for those who are in need of their assistance.

Despite only having a short history, Avaaz has become one of the most successful human rights and social justice campaigning groups on the planet with a focus on petitions and email campaigns; respected news media, such as “The Guardian” have praised Avaaz for allowing people from different areas to learn about the problems of people due to poverty and human rights abuses taking place in many supposedly democratic countries. Avaaz has also become a key player in the protection of the environment as members have chosen to fight to combat the rise of plastics in the oceans that are on course to outnumber fish by the year 2050.

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