Bob Reina Accepts Another Prestigious Award for Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has reached the top of the video and communication industry in less than a decade. This March, Bob Reina, CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, received the prestigious WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Talk Fusion added Video Chat to its list of communication services, and was recognized as a leading, all-in-one, Video Marketing Solution Video Chat is a new service for individuals and businesses of all sizes. With this award, Talk Fusion was publicly recognized as the stellar Internet marketing leader that it is.

Talk Fusion leads the industry with several outstanding technological improvements with Video Chat as the latest, released only a month prior to receiving the WebRTC Award. Users of Talk Fusion are now able to talk face-to-face on any smartphone or online device with Video Chat, and it is available on iTunes and Google Play at all app stores.

The IT team that works with Reina is dedicated to improving the way the world communicates, and they work diligently to do that. From the beginning of the company in 2007, Video Email was the first service that Reina made available. The technology was so advanced at that time that it immediately went global to over 130 countries. Talk Fusion instantly joined the international market.

Video Chat has advanced the communication concept and users couldn’t be more excited about it. Recently, Bob Reina has also released the anticipated Free Trial Progam, which is for anyone. There are no credit card or personal information requirements, and potential customers will be able to try all of the services Talk Fusion has to offer,

Bob Reina maintains the highest moral business practices at Talk Fusion, and he lives by his motto, “with great success comes greater responsibility.” He runs this company with integrity, which is the reason why he has attained the high status in communications and the main asset behind his success.

Among other prestigious accomplishments, he is a member of the outstanding Direct Selling Association. His philanthropic services are almost as recognized as Talk Fusion; this latest award is well-deserved.

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