George Soros: Founder of the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, a network of groups and organizations which are promoting a liberal society, where there is no more discrimination and everyone views each unique individual equally. George Soros is vocal in promoting a liberal society, and through the network that he established, he is hoping that his message will reach all corners of the globe in the quickest way possible. George Soros has been in the news lately because of his move, and he is stating on every media platform that the world needs to be united and more open with each other in order to reduce the conflict.Citizens around the world who are supporting the cause of George Soros either have joined one of his groups and organizations or have been promoting his cause through the use of different communication platforms. Some are also criticizing George Soros because of his idea of creating a perfect world, and they are stating that what he wants is impossible. However, George Soros do not lose hope that the world will one day become united, so he keeps on funding the Open Society Foundations in order for the to continue operating and propagate the idea of an open society.

One of the most recent examples where George Soros was reported to be indirectly involved is the Ferguson Riots. It is considered as one of the most brutal protests in the United States. The protesters are criticizing the murder of a teenage African American, saying that the United States Police is no longer doing their job to protect the people. They are accusing the United States Police of racial genocide because they are only targeting the blacks. George Soros was reported to have donated funds in order to push the protests through. The fund that he provided paved a way for other groups and organizations who are criticizing the police to leave their home states and head for Ferguson. The riot lasted for days, and it left a huge mark in the American society.

Another example where George Soros is actively participating was during the time of the US presidential elections. George Soros and Hillary Clinton and good friends, and they have the same view on how to run the society. George Soros assisted during their campaign by donating huge sums of money to be used by the party of Hillary Clinton. George Soros would also attend the conventions of the Democratic Party in order to show his full support. However, it was Donald Trump who won as the president of the United States, but George Soros promised the Democratic Party that he will continue supporting them financially and that he will watch every move of Donald Trump in order to ensure that the utopia he is planning for would soon become real.

Jason Hope Explains How He Built His Business After Graduating From Arizona State University

In an interview with Inspirery, Jason Hope, a renowned philanthropist and businessman, tells us much about himself, and how he started and manages his businesses. The entrepreneur graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA.

This, together with his undergraduate degree in Finance, are what he says led him to the path that he currently is in. Below is a sneak peek of the interview.

How did Hope start his business? What inspired him?

After graduating from Arizona State University, Jason Hope (@jasonhope) states that starting a business felt like the right thing to do. He chose the field of mobile communication technology since it has many benefits, not mentioning the large number of people it reaches. He started by selling premium messaging services. This, according to him, is what laid a foundation for his involvement in technology and medical research. It also helped him secure his passion as a futurist.

How did he deal with the doubts he had?

In his opinion, having a healthy sense of doubts is perfectly normal for any entrepreneur. Doubts keep businessmen on their toes. Every new idea that an entrepreneur comes up with has its own challenges. It is the mark of a good entrepreneur to deal with the challenges. Jason Hope goes on to explain that, as much as doubt cripples many entrepreneurs, it fueled his passion. His deep belief in the technology he was creating eradicated the doubts he had.

What is the toughest decision he has had to make in the recent past?

Jason Hope states that retaliating and reevaluating the proper direction to take next has been tough. Hope has recently started writing blogs for tech related companies. In those blogs, he feeds the general public with the ideas he has. The toughest decision, therefore, has been to find time to write and publish articles so that he may reach out to his target clients, telling them about what he believes in.

What does he think makes him successful?

The self-proclaimed futurist has an eye for the future. He explains that technology presents an endless array of possibilities. He works to take advantage of these possibilities to make people’s lives better. Hope adds that he enjoys his philanthropic work as he feels that it helps him focus. According to Jason Hope, success doesn’t mean that one always gets everything right. When a project goes wrong, all he does is move on to the next.