A look at some of Igor Cornelsen’s investment strategies

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen is a man who has made a permanent mark for himself in the world of business as an investment titan. Igor who is a Brazilian native is the minds behind Bainbridge group Inc., an investment advisory firm through which he shares his knowledge in the art of investing to budding entrepreneurs and skilled investors in equal measure. His vast experience in matters business can be attributed to the fact that the man has spent his entire life in the finance realm.

His life before retirement

He began his career soon after the completion of his studies at the Federal University of Parana where he had pursued engineering and economics. He is a natural and shortly after completion, he secured a position as an investment banker at Multiblanco. When Bank of America acquired the company, he found himself on a job hunt again. Fortunately for him, with his impressive resume, he soon got a position at Unibanco. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has worked with a long string of prominent banking facilities, a factor that has seen him gather extensive knowledge on investing based on the successes and failures of some of the clients he has been serving in his four-decade career.

Igor and his strategies

Even though he is currently retired, Igor Cornlesen is the go-to guy for everyone seeking to better their investment choices in Brazil. His investment strategies often revolve around the stock market and even though most people like singing to the tune of immediate gains, having been in this arena long enough, Igor Cornelsen often urges investors not to be greedy. Instead, they should take time to carefully analyze what the future of the investments they want to make looks like, so they can reap big profits in the long run. Besides investing in small amounts and being patient, Igor also advises investors to diversify their portfolios as he believes this helps spread risks, thus minimizing losses and maximizing profits.