Talking it out with Talkspace

The world moves at a very fast pace and sometimes too fast for average people. These are the moments when simple things we learn is kids are forgotten like asking for help. It is true that society has frowned on people who sought therapy for a long time but times are changing. The newer generations are no longer afraid to say things are bigger than me and I need some help if not just a little reassurance. Traditionally we still have therapist that we can go see at their office. The fast pace of our environment and technology has caught up to our therapy sessions as well.

Talkspace is a therapy app that does therapy sessions through text messaging. This is perfect for a person on the go needing the advice or having a panic attack right there on the spot. It allows people to address the situation in real time. Talkspace will pare you with a therapist based on information you provide and the access that is provided is timely and as reported, effective. Sometimes people will need a “face to face” and other time texting works just as well. The text conversations can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Michael Phelps has endorsed Talkspace through a commercial ad in May of 2018. He addressed his depression and anxiety in which he explains how Talkspace helps him deal with that. Michael Phelps with his notoriety teaming up with Talkspace will help other people not only take notice but take advantage. All of the therapist with the company are licensed and have practices. This may prove to be the next step in therapy as innovation takes whole.

There will always be people who will prefer to have the sit down sessions as they are still needed. Those people who are on the go so much they feel time will not allow them the help they deserve, this will be excellent for them. I hope as word gets out about Talkspace more people will look into it. For those that still have embarrassment, here is a solid solution.