How Twenty Three Layers Can Help To Hold A Memorable Event In NYC


Planning a party, especially a corporate event, can be a stressful experience. There are a number of ways of limiting the stress, though, with the number one way of being organized. Starting the planning of the party early and outlining each step can eliminate the stress that people have when their disorganized going about the planning of the party.

Parties don’t have to be complicated in order to be fun. You can try to keep a table setting simple by handwriting the names of guests on their placements or simply adding a vibrantly colored napkin at each setting. You can also send out invites that are simple and obtained at a local craft store.

One great idea is having a self-serve bar where guests can create their own concotions. This helps to generate conversations. Another idea is to have a specialty drink that is tied into the theme of your party, like a Margarita served at a South-of-the-Border themed party. Going along with the drinks, you can serve appetizers in place of a single meal. This gives all the guests the opportunity to try out a lot of different food. Creating these hors d’oeuvres can be made more convenient by using ready made items from the grocery store.

Those who live in New York can make their party planning even simpler by using the services of Twenty Three Layers. An event planning companies in NYC, they have years of experience hosting memorable events for their clients. They help with everything from selecting the location of your party to the caterer, photographers, lighting, and entertainment.

As corporate event planners in New York City, Twenty Three Layers can also provide their help no matter the size of your event. They have been used to creating branding about the event that makes it the perfect day for making personal contact with the clients of the company. Their custom printing services are also used quite often which can be used to create customized invitations, menus, event signage, and all of the other printed word needs that are needed for the event.


Event Hosting Help


Planning a big event in NYC can be intimidating. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are event planners in NYC who can do the work for you or you can find many online resources if you want to “do it yourself.”


Recently HGTV ran an online article “Secrets from a Party Planner,” to help you plan the perfect event. In her article, Camille Styles takes us through her 10 stages of planning a big event with advice for each step:


  1. Getting organized- lists! Guest list, shopping list, to do list, etc.
  2. Creating a theme- set the tone.
  3. Sending out invites- online or by mail.
  4. Offering a self serve bar- let guests be their own mixologists.
  5. Creating a specialty concoction- have at least one specialty cocktail.
  6. Keeping appetizers simple- bite sized, finger friendly.
  7. Setting up a kid’s table- keep them busy with crayons, paper, and fun.
  8. Keeping settings simple- incorporate natural elements.
  9. Staying relaxed- give yourself time before the guests arrive.
  10. Not forgetting the favors- send them home with a reminder of the day.


Maybe the “do it yourself” option is still a bit daunting or your event needs to be more professional. There are good event planning companies in NYC, one of which is Twenty Three Layers. They are a New York based full service planning and design firm. They do everything from fun and whimsical to glitz and glamour, from small private events to corporate events. They have solid working foundations with several premier vendors and establishments which will ensure a momentous occasion. Because Twenty Three Layers’ services include photography, catering, entertainment, venues, floral design, and more, they are the premier corporate event planners in NYC. If you prefer more “hands on” party planning, they have workshops designed to make you the best host or hostess you can be and to impress every guest.


No matter what your event, or how involved you want to be in the planning and execution, you have the opportunity to shine and to wow your guests. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and the process, as the host or hostess always sets the tone.


How To Hire The Best Event Planner For Your Next Event

Hosting an event typically comes with an enormous amount of stress. Between making sure that each of your guests are happy, coordinating with vendors and keeping track of multiple schedules, the experience can turn even the calmest person into a frazzled mess. That’s why so many people hire a professional event planner. These industry experts know how to keep any kind of event running smoothly.


However, if you’ve never hired an event planner before, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are some must-know tips about hiring the perfect event planner who can make your dreams come to life.



  1. Decide on an Objective


Before researching different event planners in NYC, determine a basic objective of your event. What message are you trying to convey to your guests? On which day of the week will your event take place? How many people, roughly, will be in attendance? Your event planner will need to know this information right off the bat.



  1. Have a General Budget in Mind


Your event planner will also need to know what your general budget is going to be. That’s because they will not be able to make any decisions until they know what kind of money they have to work with.



  1. Know What Kind of Planner You Need


As you can imagine, there are hundreds of event planning companies in NYC. Some specialize in helping you find vendors while others just handle day-of coordination.


Some event planning companies provide services as well. Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in New York City, can help you with everything you could possibly need for an event. In addition to coordinating your event, they can provide every service imaginable from catering to photography. Twenty Three Layers can manage events of any size and style.



  1. Do Some Research


Don’t just hire the first planner that you come across on the internet. Spend lots of time browsing online review websites and ask around to find out if anyone you know has worked with an event planner recently who they are happy to recommend.





By hiring the right event planner, your event will be a huge success and you will be able to avoid lots of stress. Follow these tips to find the right planner for your special event.

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Lauren Conrad’s Tips for A Good Party – And The Good Life

Planning a party is about so much more than the color of your table cloths or deciding whether to blast Pandora via Bluetooth or hire a live D.J. At its heart, party planning is really about spending time with the people you love, and, according to Lauren Conrad, just the right amount of imperfection. In an upbeat conversation with, the sweetheart hostess revealed a few of her secrets for a great party, and they just so happen to be secrets for a great life as well. She’s all about making things fun and beautiful without making them too fussy. Imperfection helps people relax and have fun. And, “at the end of the day,” she says, “the most important thing is that you are having as much fun as your guests and enjoying each other’s company. The point is to celebrate—and that means everyone.”

So, how do you find that perfect amount of imperfection? Well, unless you’ve got Martha Stewart on speed dial or consider yourself especially gifted as the hostess with the mostest, you hire an event planner.

And Twenty Three Layers, NYC-based event planners, might be just what you’re looking for. Offering full-service planning and production of any event you can dream up, they’ll lend you their gorgeous creativity and planning prowess from brainstorming to clean up.

The masterminds at Twenty Three Layers have worked hard to build relationships with the best vendors and associates in town, and it’s clear they’ve got scads of personal design talent as well. They’ve worked with big-name clients like Anthropologie and Jaguar, and left their clients with nothing but great things to say.

Finding that sweet spot where sophistication and unfussiness meet isn’t easy, but the innovators at Twenty Three Layers have worked hard to make it your reality every single time. They can handle the details with beautiful ease, and leave you free to focus on enjoying yourself and celebrating, which, as Lauren Conrad reminded us, is the goal for parties– and for life.

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