How Does A Typical Day For Bridget Scarr Look Like?

It’s sometimes tricky balancing some family time with work. For Bridget Scarr, she has managed to get a balance on both as she ensures she gives both ample times. Bridget Scarr is the content developer, strategist and in charge of partnerships at Colibri Studios.



Bridget Scarr has been involved in many productions, and she has gained experience enough for the efficient running of Colibri Studios. The mother of one is very particular on how she handles her work duties as well as still has time with her partner and her son.



Her previous experience has seen her in leadership positions, and she has mastered the art of delegation as well as working with people. She has moved from working with five people to over 200 of them. Her principle is that everybody needs to be equally treated which is why she’s able to work together with her team.



Bridget Scarr’s day starts with some meditation. This is a routine she believes is very instrumental to her mental health. Meditation helps in keeping her focused and psychologically ready for the day. Once she’s done with meditation, she has breakfast with her son and partner before heading out for work. She commutes to work which is not so far from her home. During this time, she plans her day and the activities she needs to do.



Upon arrival to the office, she comes up with new ideas for projects and extensively researches about it. The morning section is when she concentrates more and comes up with viable ideas that are most likely to succeed. She then presents the ideas to her team, and they get to discuss in details.



Bridget understands that having a team where you are on the same page is what will take Colibri to the next level. The company was established in 2016 and has been showing a lot of positive progress. After the morning hours, she heads back home to have lunch with her family as it’s their main meal.



In the afternoon she goes back to work and does follow-ups on emails. As the one in charge of partnerships, she looks for people willing to partner with Colibri to come up with award-winning projects that will be beneficial to both parties.



Bridget is multitalented as she is a singer, songwriter as well as an author. Her strength is in creating creative content. Her passion is what is driving her towards success, and she has no signs of giving up.


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