OSI Group Has Been The Main Supplier To McDonald’s For Decades

OSI Group is a well-known food supply company that is also one of the largest in the entire world today. Starting out in the United States back in 1909, OSI Group has gone from a single small shop to dozens of warehouses and office locations around the country, which between all locations, 20 thousand people are employed and working. OSI Group McDonalds came in the 1950’s when McDonald’s was beginning to rise on its own and they needed a food supplier to get their large amounts of beef. OSI Group formed a contract with McDonald’s and even built dedicated facilities for the franchise. Read this article at Inspirery

Otto Kowsklosky, the companies founder back in 1909, never imagined that his small meat market would become a massive corporation one day and it actually took several decades before taking off at all. By the 1930’s, OSI Group was beginning to become a popular meat market throughout the Chicago region. With the help of financial experts and better flash freezing techniques for beef, OSI Group was able to meet large demands and take on more companies throughout the nation along with McDonald’s. OSI Group McDonalds had a close relationship that was built over the years and the two corporations were able to build each other up. Without a contract with McDonald’s, OSI Group wouldn’t have had its biggest deal ever and wouldn’t have been able to come up in the market. McDonald’s, on the other hand, wouldn’t have been able to expand at such a large scale without OSI Group’s supply of beef.

OSI Group McDonalds took on an even bigger relationship has OSI Group started to expand into new countries with the help of new leadership and financial management. OSI Group McDonalds has worked together to serve billions of people all over the world with food processing and fast food and their contract is still going strong today. McDonald’s sells millions of burgers every single year and they need a huge supply of beef that few other companies can deliver with consistency and quality like OSI Group.

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OSI Food Solutions: Chicken Chicken Chicken!

OSI Food Solutions has doubled chicken production on a global scale. This is no small feat considering the size of the world. The population is very hungry, and the demand for chicken has risen and OSI Food Solutions has met the demand: In Spain!

That a regular immigrant from Germany, named ‘Otto’ would come to America and set the wheels in motion with a small company in Chicago, and eventually come to feed the entire world, is a story fit for the silver screen.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded around the world and in the beautiful country of Spain, Chicken has become top dog. The people of Spain are answering the call of the hungry and providing the highest quality food they possibly can. Excellent jobs attract excellent people, and the quality that comes out of The OSI process is a direct reflection of it’s great staff.

The people of Spain have a history in this world that is unequaled, and the culture that has evolved is one to be envied and experienced. Career opportunities offered by OSI are tremendous and those who make the team are proving to be great additions to this globe wide family. The continuing and rapid growth are proof positive that a great formula is in play, and we are all benefiting. The very hard work of the 20,000 plus workers at OSI Food Solutions is producing that which we all need: Food; and it tastes great!

Stating the obvious is hardly necessary, however, if any business doesn’t create quality, they go out of business. The resounding success of OSI speaks for itself, and its large range of food products and services is a recipe that we all love.

As of the writing of this article, OSI Food Solutions is one of the top 100 food companies in the world. Many ask “How?” or “Why?” and there really is no simple answer to those questions. The gist is, they know what they are doing and they do it very well. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as the saying goes. No one knows why or how El Greco painted better than everyone, we all know that he just did; and when we have that satisfying, delicious chicken dinner, should we look a gift meal in the mouth? Of course not.

We are all hungry for more, and the thanks go to the great Employees at OSI.

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OSI Food Group: Going Strong With the Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant

OSI Industries is proud to be a global leader in the production of value-added protein products, including meat, poultry products, customized sausage, pork products and items such as bacon and hot dogs. The company employs 20,000 people around the world and also has entities in 17 countries around the globe. In those 17 countries, OSI Industries has more than 60 operations within those countries. These operations consist of everything from plants, to distribution centers to companies that have been acquired by OSI Food Group throughout the years.

While OSI Industries has a massive global reach, the company is incredibly passionate about making sure it stays true to its American roots. The company is extremely proud to have its headquarters in the United States and always is looking to grow foothold in America. In fact, one of the company’s top commitments is to consistently expand in America, not just for the sake of expansion, but the company has a strong commitment to growing so that it can bring about additional manufacturing jobs to the United States. As OSI expands, the volume of jobs expands, which is a win-win for both the United States and for OSI as a company.

In fact, OSI Industries recently grew its United States portfolio with the purchase of a former Tyson Food plant. The plant was located in Southside Chicago and Tyson made an announcement in late 2017 that they would be closing the plant. This would mean that hundreds of people would begin to be laid off until the plant was closed. However, OSI saw this as a very strong investment and eventually acquired the plant. This acquisition saved nearly one thousand jobs in the Chicago area as well as allowed OSI to continue its expansion plan in the United States, specifically in Northeastern America.

OSI Industries has also recently acquired the large entity of Baho Food. The company is Dutch based and although it is one of the most popular household brands, as well as are the entities it owns. However the company was seen by OSI Industries as an incredibly smart acquisition due to the fact that the company also has a huge volume of entities in Europe, where it also has a strong presence. That presence continues to globally expand and under the umbrella of OSI group that expansion will now be fueled to grow at an even more rapid level.