How Michael Lacey Changed Media

In 1970 Michael dropped out of college at Arizona State University and began working with a couple of fellow students to create the Phoneix New Times. This was published because of the conservative coverage of campus antiwar protests. As a response to this conservative media expression of the protests, Lacey published his response and gained experience he would use throughout his career.

Micheal Lacey partnered with Jim Larkin and began exploring multiple political topics and social issues in his publications. His publication was free and was published on a weekly basis. This news source soon gained a major following. Soon the Phoneix New Times became one of the most read alternative newspapers in the country.

After years of success, Micheal Lacey decided to expand his business by buying Westword and went on to expand to 17 newspapers that aimed to spread similar messages and sides to story’s that were not usually covered.

Over the years, Michael Lacey and his partner Jim Larkin got into some hard water. During one of their publications, they made some remarks about the grand jury and their subpoena tactics. After a short arrest, all charges against them were dropped and they eventually went on to win a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the county to blame for their arrests. Learn more about Mike Lacey:

Later his newspaper empire went on to become Village Voice Media Holdings. Village Voice Media Holdings is nationally known be utterly committed to the First Amendment and strive to protect it.

The topics they cover are commonly long term investigation pieces and covering common events in a more sophisticated and catered style. They have gained attention for their magazine style of writing and formatting and over time has built a following of over 60 million readers.

Micheal Lacey was a college dropout that built a media empire that gained the attention of millions of readers a month. After years of building his media empire, he eventually sold his empire. Throughout his career, he changed the way newspapers worked and the way they communicated their messages. Micheal Lacey is a media hero who changed the media in the United States.

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