Clayton Hutson Goes on the Road with Halsey

Every time famous pop stars go on the road for the promotion of their crafts, their tours are usually received with the presence and support of throngs of fans. Trying to carry on with the building publicity can both be demanding as well as challenging, especially for the support staff that try to create the best live performances to the best of their abilities to back-up their star. And for Halsey, it means having to work with Clayton Hutson – a well-known tour manager.



Halsey was born as Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. She personifies the contemporary sphere of popular music, mostly because of her unusual beginnings towards stardom.



The music of Coldplay, Tupac, Nirvana, and Alanis Morrisette were the sounds Halsey heard while growing up, and she primarily gained public attention by personally releasing her own brand of music on the platforms of social medias. Her big break came in 2014 when she signed a contract with Astralwerks, where in a matter of just three years she made it to the top ten music charts with her song “Bad at Love.”



Her supporting performances are with Imagine Dragons and Kooks; but currently she is about to launch the final segment last portion of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour, which was named the same as her latest album. The said tour will see Halsey through most parts of Asia and Latin America, along with a group of pop female entertainers.



Halsey’s tour manager, Clay Hutson, has always used a DiGiCo console whenever he is on a road tour. The latest DiGiCo console he used wasthe SD7 during the tour of Maxwell, including numerous SD8s on a cluster of once-in-a-lifetime gigs.



Hutson commented that he also has the first D5 when he went on the tour with Marilyn Manson about ten years previously. And taking into account the unpredictability of Manson, getting a brand new console was quite risky. However, the D5 turned out extremely well. Hutson enthused that DiGiCo had his back during that time, so he has been using the said console ever since.



And Clayton Hutson’s tour with Halsey is nothing much less like the preparation he makes for the other tours he had, and as always DiGiCo is by his side. Learn more: