equals consistency

The college football game is one of the most enduring sports in America. There is well over a century of serious contests and rivalries. For me as a sports bettor, it also means mountains of information. It may seem as though betting on football odds is simply based on luck, but it is much more than that. Those that play the NCAAF odds with knowledge and skill win much more than they lose. Believe it or not, there are professional gamblers that make considerable incomes playing common odds that clearly show favor in one direction or another. Additionally, to sweeten the pot, often betting platforms offer a spread. The spread is played favorably by professionals and is utilized to gain their business, but to amateurs, the spread is an enticement to gamble.

When an amateur learns that they do not necessarily have to pick the winner to make money, they dive right in. As a professional bettor, I treat the spread as a hedge to my riskiest bets because although I like to win, I like to bet big sometimes and that means more risk. Even with these bigger football odds, I still win much more than I lose. However, I do not want this to seem as though betting successfully is easy. It is not and for me, it requires a lot of research in order to win enough to make this a profession. Ultimately, I like the thrill of the win, and for all this research, I am still able to enjoy being a sporting guy. I make as much doing this as I did when I worked a regular job, but I probably work just as hard. The difference is I am doing what I am enjoying.

If a there is one bit of great info that I would give someone wanting to bet for enjoyment is that winning is fun. I increase my odds greatly by utilizing information. I get this information in one place. It is a website called, and makes winning very easy. Before places like this website, and this website in particular, betting required compiling information from various sources like newspapers. This type of compilation to make educated odds guesses could be shaky, but that type of flaw-ridden data collection is far in the past now. Today with one click, I have all the information necessary to make me a consistent winner.