3 Must-Know Tips For Dry Winter Hair

It’s no surprise that winter can be brutal to your hair. With harsh winds, dry weather and cold temperatures, hair takes a serious beating during the winter months. Therefore, it’s important that you take a little extra time to keep your hair protected against harsh winter forces.

  1. Wear a Hat Outdoors

Strong, cold winds are simply too much for delicate hair strands to handle. The constant friction caused by wind can cause frizz, breakage and tangles. That’s why it’s important to keep your hair covered whenever you venture outside.

By covering your hair, you are protecting it from the damage caused by winter temperatures and winds. Plus, sun damage still occurs in the winter, so by wearing a hat, you’re protecting your scalp from the negative effects of the sun as well.

  1. Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

If you haven’t already, ditch the shampoo and conditioner for a cleansing conditioner. This product will clean and moisturize hair without the harsh chemicals used in most commercial hair care products. Winter weather is harsh enough on hair without the use of aggressive chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances.

A popular choice for a cleansing conditioner is the Cleansing Conditioner by WEN hair by stylist Chaz Dean. This product provides serious hydration for hair that is dried out and damaged by cold winter weather. Plus, WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner combats the frizz and tangles caused by aggressive winds. Wen hair products are available on select retailers and online at  QVC.com.

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  1. Skip the Heat

While you may love to rock that perfectly styled hair every day, devices that rely on heat such as curling irons and straightening irons will cause extra breakage and dryness. Hair that is parched from winter weather is extra sensitive to the dry heat given off by these devices. Instead, try to keep it natural as often as possible.


If the winter is giving you serious hair blues, follow these three tips so that your hair can remain gorgeous and soft no matter what the weather is like outside. Information on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.org.