ClassDojo School Communication Web Tool

Since the inception of ClassDojo, the organization has become so popular with at least one teacher using it in the United States with over 95% coverage of the country elementary and middle schools. ClassDojo has been run in the past decade on investors’ money without generating any revenue to the company from its users but has recently announced the launch of another monthly subscription product to be available February 2019, ClassDojo Beyond School.

The ClassDojo Beyond School program’s main aim is to reconnect parents to their children through positive learning with the aid of a feedback tool, which uses digital points to award good behavior and habits at home. This function in the app is somewhat similar to what is currently used in schools by teachers today where the teachers can award positive or negative points based on a student’s character. The parents will be able to assign their rewarding methods.

Parents who have taken part in the test run for ClassDojo Beyond School program say it is useful in improving their interaction with their children at home given that they spend more than half a day at home where there is an excellent opportunity for learning. Parents further commend the app for its efficiency in delivering immediate feedback while promoting a positive learning process through the straightforward and easy to use communication platform. ClassDojo also gives the students an opportunity to learn and share by showcasing their abilities and adding their portfolio to the platform.

ClassDojo prides in their extensive coverage, which is building a community between teachers, students and parents in schools as an instrument to encourage skill development, learning and character development in and outside the classroom. ClassDojo has helped families experience the joy of learning at home where it has revolutionized education by exempting the limit that learning can only take place in the classroom.

ClassDojo has won many awards since inception and in 2017, was titled as one of the 25 most disruptive companies.