FreedomPop: the Cheapest Wireless Service Out Right Now

FreedomPop is primarily a phone service but also offers mobile data for mobile hotspots or tablet, and also offers home internet. A lot of people who join FreedomPop actually bring their own Sprint devices because FreedomPop uses the Sprint network to provide service because Sprint leases out their service to multiple companies. They are primarily known for their affordability as they start off by offering free entry level service.

It also gives 10 million hotspot wifi locations to users if they pay 5 dollars a month. This is huge because most of the data eaten up by phones is over wifi. It works across multiple devices, and is used over an android app. Large retail locations are where the hotspots are available. This would be instead of using cellphone towers, and you would get your voice, data, and text from this wifi network. This works best if you live in more populated areas.

If the free plan isn’t enough for you, as it wouldn’t be enough for me, then FreedomPop offers more to their plan. Their free service offers 200 minutes of call, 500 texts, ad 500 MB of data a month. That might sound like a decent amount, but I sent about 30 texts today so it would be used up halfway through the month. Even though the better plan costs some money, you would still save on your mobile plan. It’s about 20 dollars a month for voice and data, and then 10 dollars more a month if you want primer. Primer comes with more alerts on usage, data rollover, security, support, and more.

You can get 5 or 10 GB of Internet by paying. If your work requires a lot of Internet use like mine does, or if you are big on streaming (also like me), then this plan might not be for you. However, it can work well as a free back up for possible outages and works really well if you use Internet mostly for emailing and basic web browsing.

To make sure FreedomPop works for your area, talk to people who use it.,2817,2427635,00.asp

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  1. The home internet service, called Hub Burst works well for light users. It’s right in line with what you would get for DSL. 1GB of Internet free per month, and get charged about 10 dollars if you go over that. It is a very serious thing for to be able to understand everything there is for them to understand fully well.

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