George Soros Believes in the New Ukraine

George Soros believes that bailing out the Ukrainian economy is a good thing because Ukraine has thrown off the burden of government and business corruption and has become democratic and modern. It is an outstanding member of the European Union. These high-minded values makes the future bright for Ukraine. Soros believes Ukraine is an authentically reformed country. For such a savvy financial genius, Ukraine is a good investment.

Out With the Old
Soros often points to the old Ukraine to illustrate how radical a transformation has proceeded to help the people of Ukraine. Freed from the yoke of past Ukrainian corruption, Soros believes the new Ukraine has enhanced integrity in the business of nation building and staved off challenges from separatists who dispute the legitimacy of an independent Ukrainian government. Many government officials make sacrifices every day, working for free or for small salaries to help Ukraine achieve nationhood.

Ordinary Ukrainians and Russians
Despite all the positive developments in Ukraine, Soros believes threats lie from within and without. To prove to the world that Ukraine has a legitimate economy is no easy matter. Indeed, even proving to Ukrainians that a new day is at hand hasn’t always worked. Indeed, Russia threatens to destroy the effort with invasion and financial sanctions.

Reform minded officials in Ukraine are striving for transparency, whether in government expenditures or with the country’s financial dealings. According to Soros, they want an independent and professional judiciary system. The past corruption is over. Of course, Ukraine also want to share their sovereignty with other EU nations. Soros believes this is an exceptional example and should get Europe’s financial support.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

How to Solve the Russian Problem
According to Soros, the Russian problem can only be alleviated with help from the West. If the West would cast the separatists’ complaints as a result of conspiring with Putin and the Russians, it would explode the myth of legitimate internal unrest in Ukraine. Financial help from the West would ease pressure on the Ukrainian economy as it gets a foothold in the global economy.

How Bailing Out Ukraine Works
By funding the Ukrainian economy with $15 billion, according to Soros, both problems of pressure from within and without are solved. Ukraine’s economy is rich in human capital and diversity, and investors would be served by equity stakes and profit-sharing, according to Soros. Russia would be unable to use Ukraine’s as an excuse for invasion and financial sanctions. Soros believes that most Russians believe Putin’s argument that Ukraine is a mess. If Ukraine could prove how wrong they are, ordinary Russians would disagree with their President.

Ukraine, as Russia’s largest neighbor, has historically been the first threat to Russian power. According to Soros, if Ukraine becomes a fine example of a functioning member of the EU, Russia would feel tremendous pressure to change its ways and join the World as an economic partner and not a military threat.

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