How To Hire The Best Event Planner For Your Next Event

Hosting an event typically comes with an enormous amount of stress. Between making sure that each of your guests are happy, coordinating with vendors and keeping track of multiple schedules, the experience can turn even the calmest person into a frazzled mess. That’s why so many people hire a professional event planner. These industry experts know how to keep any kind of event running smoothly.


However, if you’ve never hired an event planner before, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are some must-know tips about hiring the perfect event planner who can make your dreams come to life.



  1. Decide on an Objective


Before researching different event planners in NYC, determine a basic objective of your event. What message are you trying to convey to your guests? On which day of the week will your event take place? How many people, roughly, will be in attendance? Your event planner will need to know this information right off the bat.



  1. Have a General Budget in Mind


Your event planner will also need to know what your general budget is going to be. That’s because they will not be able to make any decisions until they know what kind of money they have to work with.



  1. Know What Kind of Planner You Need


As you can imagine, there are hundreds of event planning companies in NYC. Some specialize in helping you find vendors while others just handle day-of coordination.


Some event planning companies provide services as well. Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in New York City, can help you with everything you could possibly need for an event. In addition to coordinating your event, they can provide every service imaginable from catering to photography. Twenty Three Layers can manage events of any size and style.



  1. Do Some Research


Don’t just hire the first planner that you come across on the internet. Spend lots of time browsing online review websites and ask around to find out if anyone you know has worked with an event planner recently who they are happy to recommend.





By hiring the right event planner, your event will be a huge success and you will be able to avoid lots of stress. Follow these tips to find the right planner for your special event.

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