Luciana Lossio takes over Superior Electoral Court

In mid-2016, Luciana Lossio was sworn in as the Minister of the superior electoral court. This is a position that is only available to lawyers, and it became available after the Minister Arnaldo Versiani. Her appointment to the TSE was attributed to her devotion to her profession.



Luciana advanced in her career because of her hard work and dedication. In 2011, she ended up occupying one of the most coveted vacancies available to lawyers. She was first the substitute at the Supreme Court before advancing her career.



She is a member of the Brazilian Institute of the Electoral Law. She has built a solid career as she has governors as clients. One of the things that have propelled her career is her character. She respects all persons and tries to uphold their constitutional rights.



Consumed with the desire to acquire knowledge, she completed her law degree in 1999 and was approved by the Brazilian Bar Association. She also completed three postgraduate degrees that include the civil procedural law, state and constitution and legal department and the public prosecutor. Her legal knowledge is what has helped her to achieve success.



She started her career at the Attorney General’s office where she worked for seven years. During this period, she was working with Claudio Fonteles and also Geraldo Brindeiro. The two were former Attorney General of Brazil. In these seven years, Luciana was working as an advisor to different cases that involved the Supreme Federal court.



Her appointment to the Supreme Court was due to her technical ability and her professionalism. You know, the TSE consists of 7 judges. Two of these judges are picked from a list of well-performing lawyers. Luciana was one of the chosen.



Both as a lawyer and a minister she has demonstrated competence and knowledge in law.



In addition to her being a hard working and competent lawyer, she has also developed great hobbies that keep her busy away from the court. She loves horseback riding a passion that she developed from a young age. She even competed in the Brazilian championships. She has also represented her countries in different international competitions. She has received great support from her family in her different horseback riding quests.



She was born on July 18th, 1974. She has faced different obstacles in her life both in her work and personal life, but she has overcome them with ease. She is young and has a long future ahead of the court.