Peter Briger’s thrilling career

Peter Briger, commonly referred to as Pete by his peers and colleagues is among the three titans of alternative investment conglomerate, Fortress Investment Group. Pete has been part and parcel of the company since its early years, as he joined the company four years after its inception. Like the two other principals, Peter Briger has been instrumental to the growth of the firm. For instance, when he joined the company, Peter had very few staff members under his belt. However, today he has successfully expanded the real estate and credit departments which he heads and now boasts a team of 300 staff members. His contributions to the company have been notable ever since he first stepped into the company.

For instance, just three months after joining Fortress, Peter Briger helped raise approximately $4.7 billion for a Fortress credit fund, constituting 87% of all the funds raised within that period. Briger’s numerous accomplishments at Fortress can be attributed to his long, compelling career in the world of finance. He is particularly famed for his risk-taking nature which enables him to venture in an area that most investors shun, that is; distressed financial assets and debt-laden markets. Despite being highly risky, these have always been his areas of expertise ever since he tapped into the finance world.

Peter gained his vast experience in distressed assets and debt-laden markets while working at Goldman Sachs. He spent over 15 years here during which he and a close colleague would acquire distressed assets, hold on to them until the market was stable and then sell them at profitable prices. They were so good at what they did that by the time they left Goldman Sachs; it was on its all-time high. The success of Goldman Sachs till date, revolves on the foundation laid by Peter Briger and his colleague. His unique talents and leadership abilities have not only made him a force to reckon in finance but have also turned him into a self-made billionaire, riding among the wealthiest people on Forbes List. He is also part of the top 400 top business professionals of the Forbes list. Looking at his achievements, there is no doubt that the Princeton alumnus is a force to reckon.