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Medicare Advantage Plans are different from the original Medicare plans. MAP are sold through private health insurance but still carry Medicare like benefits. They still cover part A and part B coverage like Medicare, but they also include hearing, vision, and health and wellness on bizjournals.com. The plans are HMOs, PPOs, and PPFs, which all come with different costs, restrictions, and deductibles. You pay copays like regular insurance. You can’t get Medigap insurance to cover coinsurance costs. And the list goes on. MAPs allow the private health insurance to give government benefits. These plans may prove to be more cost effective than regular healthcare plans.

Some important items to remember about Medicare Advantage Plans are that you must enroll in Part D. Part D gives the prescription coverage. Also, any service you wish to have, you should get an advanced written coverage. The written advance coverage will guarantee payment, but if you do not, then you may be responsible for the entire payment. Medicare Advantage Plans are a hybrid of private and government healthcare plans.

InnovaCare Health, a managed healthcare network, is a leading provider of quality healthcare services across North America. InnovaCare uses private provider networks and Medicare Advantage Plans to provide services to patients. They are committed to top quality, cutting edge healthcare at affordable costs. They are committed to the patient provider relationship and to holding their team accountable for their work. InnovaCare Health gives their patients the best care possible.

Rick Shinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, came to InnovaCare Health with 20 years in Managed Healthcare and the Healthcare Industry. Before InnovaCare Health, he served as President and Chief Executive officer of Aveta from 2008 to 2012.He was a practicing internist and pulmonologist that practiced out of Southern California. He brings his clinical and operational healthcare experience to InnovaCare.

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the Chief Administrative Officer. Previously, she worked for InnovaCare as the Chief Operating Officer. She has 20 years of healthcare experience with a focus on government programs. She has degrees in social work, drug and alcohol abuse, and public health. She has experience in creating public health models for medical agencies.

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