Securus Technologies Replaces Inaccuracies with facts in GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies has come out to set the record straight by correcting inaccuracies in GTL’s recent press release. I noted from their corrections that indeed, there are major facts that had been misrepresented. For instance, the company has clarified that GTL mischaracterized the purpose of the latest ruling by the Patents and Appeals Board.

Enough working resources

Speaking recently, Securus CEO Richard Smith said that his company has the much needed technology to perform its duties. He also pointed out that because of the heavy investment in software development, and a much larger patent portfolio, they are well equipped to serve customers unlike what other sources want to portray. He said that GTL has refused to accept his technology challenge because they know that they definitely will be defeated.

Securus is way ahead of competitors

While pointing out that the company is out to win the technology game, Smith compared GTL to a player who scores once when his team is being routed and celebrates as if they have won. With a win-loss patent license score of 19-0, I can also agree that indeed, the company is way ahead of their competitors.

Right to file patents

The CEO says that they, just like other companies, file patents because they are the developers of technology. In fact, the company has used over $800 million in building of software and other similar products. They also have been duly approved by the relevant patents authority and so, disputes should not arise since they have a duty to protect their rights.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas and has been providing technology solutions, both civil and criminal justice for many years. The CEO also says that despite disputes such as the one that GTL is trying to create, they remain committed to fair trade practices. They, however, will do everything to protect their company from unfair accuses.