Serge Belamant- The founder of Zilch and patent holder of blockchain technology

Serge Belamant is a French-born tech expert who has managed to become one of the best innovators in the world. As the patent holder to the most advanced technology today- blockchain- his contributions to the tech industry is about to become one of the best. Serge Belamant has done a great deal of coming up with solutions that matter to the people of the current generation. His ability to recognize the challenges of today and come up with advanced solutions is what makes him unique from others. He has managed to become one of the people who had done a great deal of work in solving the needs of the banking financial sector by creating solutions that facilitate easy and secure transactions. The blockchain is one of the industries that have impressed many with the security and convenience that it brings in the financial sector. Visit

Serge Belamant attended the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. It is here that he developed interests in computer programming. He started coding banking software that he sold to various organizations he was working with. Belamant experience comes from the many tasks that he has handled on behalf of different entities; he has had the opportunity to work with VISA. He is the one who designed the chip-enabled credit and debit cards.

Today, Serge Belamant is the founder of Zilch Technologies, a company that creates products that help to streamline the financial sector by giving every person a chance to make better financial decisions. This company was created after Belamant held a discussion with his son who is an IT engineer. They looked at the solutions that can allow social media users to access superior financial transactions from their phones. Serge Belamant came up with the idea of the Zilch app.

Segre Belamant agrees that coming up with the idea that will be widely accepted is not easy for any business person. To ensure that his ideas succeed, he first uses the products to see if they meet his needs. His strategy is creating products that the customer need and not necessarily something that will give him short-term financial muscle. He believes the world of mouth is a strong marketing strategy that needs to be utilized in today’s industrial setup. Read more on